Local Storage Is All About The “Clean”

What do you want to see “clean” the most – restaurants, hospitals or hotels?Well, you probably spend more time in restaurants than in hotels and hopefully, not much time in hospitals. On the other hand, your life depends on “clean” in a hospital, and what goes in your body at a restaurant is probably more significant than a slightly dirty bedspread at a hotel. Face it – we want everything to be clean.

“Clean” is good and “dirty” is bad. “Clean” is exhilarating and exciting while “dirty” suggest. There’s something exciting about that new car smell – even used cars are more appealing when they smell good! Babies are happier when they are clean, a clean chalkboard exudes hope for learning, and a clean house is a joy to come home to after a long day at work.

There are even organizations that make sure the places we like to go are clean. Hospitals, hotels, and restaurants are all rated for their cleanliness. If they don’t pass, they will be shut down. Your local storage unit doesn’t fall in that category.

Sure, it’s easy to “say” that your storage unit is clean; it’s different to walk the talk and that’s what StorageMart understands. You’ll see “clean” from the moment you drive onto our parking lots, gaze at the well-maintained flowerbeds and lawn and see the sparkling windows. When our store managers aren’t helping people, they are cleaning the walls, floors, carpet, bathroom, and windows.

When someone moves their belongings out of a unit, every square foot is cleaned and the door is checked to see if it works smoothly. The doors are dusted regularly and the hallways are vacuumed or swept. That’s one of the top reasons why customers like us and say so in their reviews. Before renting a local storage unit, visit a few self storage sites and see for yourself. For now, here are some customer comments about StorageMart received in a month:

• Wonderful customer service and very helpful. Clean units and great prices.  ~Jennifer S.

• Place is very clean and well run. ~Steve R.

• So happy to have a nice place for my storage needs. It’s always in tip-top shape. ~Donna T.

• Love the manager and the place is always clean and neat. ~Russ P.

• StorageMart is very clean and well organized. ~Amanda D.

• Made my first time renting a unit nice and easy. The units are very clean as well! ~Shelby C.

• Very helpful, clean and secure. ~Charles G.