Self Storage Locations in Calgary, AB

Your Clean, Fast, Easy Storage Solution

StorageMart's Calgary self storage locations are proud to serve the communities where our customers live and work. Our storage units have space for personal and business storage needs with each location having a wide variety of storage solutions available.

Top Storage Features in Calgary

Climate Control

Climate controlled and heated self storage units are available.

Loading Bays

Loading bays make moving into StorageMart easy as you and your furniture are out of the Calgary weather.

Video Cameras

Video cameras operate on the facility 24 hours a day recording the property.


Before your move-in our staff will ensure that your facility is clean. This makes your move in quick and hassle free.

First Month Free*

Get a full free month of storage when you rent today. We know moving can be expensive, so we require No Deposit and have month-to-month leasing.


Save Time. Rent Online.

Storage unit availability is limited, but you can find exactly the space you need and lock-in your online discount in less than 5 minutes. It’s quick and easy.


Storage Units Near Calgary

  1. 1 5th Street SW
    3302 StorageMart Calgary 5th 1
    15216 5 St SW
    Calgary, AB T2Y 2E7
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    5' x 10'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$126.99 $$$99.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$134.99 $$$119.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 11'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$219.99 $$$204.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 13'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$198.99 $$$183.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$164.99 $$$149.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$285.99 $$$265.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 11'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$294.99 $$$274.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 13'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$322.99 $$$302.99 $First Month FREE
    See all available units at this store


    The service was out standing and very helpful to me and my girlfriend. Very kind staff looking out for your best intrust I would definitely go with them again


    Great experience

    Great group to work with.


    Nice facility, uneducated staff

    The facility is nice but on the day I was looking to rent a storage locker the girl working was very unsure of what she was doing. What should have taken 5 minutes to do paperwork turned in to an exhausting almost hour long ordeal.


    Storage Mart helped me make my move stress free!

    Thank you especially to Anna Marsh who was incredibly flexible and put me at ease with this massive life change - there is enough stress in my life with moving - my experience here made me feel great!


    Storage Mart Shaunessey

    Couldn't be happier with the service and the facility. Manager is knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Facility is clean, secure and accessible.


    Absolutely Amazing !

    Great service and price along with convenient payment options!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone :) both my sister and I have units and we couldn't be happier!



    I have a 10x10 storage. When I was at the Storage Mart to rent a space the contract was very well explained to me. Every paragraph, I was asked if I have any questions before I initialled it. The staff was courteous and very friendly. Thank you Sharon and thank you Anna for sorting out the problem for the May rent.I would definitely recommend Storage Mart to my friends.


    Good service

    The manager was very good to deal with and informative.


    Thank you!

    Great service - I loved their affordability compared to competitors and they accommodated my requests with no hesitation! Thank you ladies!


    Very good customer service!

    All information provided upfront with no hidden fees and no contracts. You pay for the time you need and that makes a big difference. Very good one on one customer service!


    Great in person service, but online booking needs work.

    The manager of the Shawnessy location, (in Calgary,) was very friendly both in person and over the phone. She was very thorough explaining the rental contract to me and answered all my questions, which I appreciated. The only thing that could have been improved was the online booking. I didn't see anywhere that explained the additional cost of the rental insurance, and other pertinent details of the contract. I feel that the renter should be made aware of ALL fees prior to paying for the unit. Aside from that, I would still recommend Storage Mart to anyone, (this location in particular.)



    Anna went above and beyond. Spent and hour explaining and answering questions.



    I would highly recommend that if you ever need anything stored pick this place.The manager took the time to explain everything thoroughly and made sure I got the right size storage unit for my need.They had moving supplies which even made packing easier, she went above and beyond with customer service ,I felt that my belongings were secure and I left there with piece of mind.


    I have absolutely no complaints - great service!

    I would recommend this company to anyone needing a storage facility with no doubts in my mind whatsoever.


    great service

    well I received great friendly customer service.


    The manager in Shawnessy is awesome!

    Anna did a great job of welcoming me to StorageMart. She explained all the technical/legal stuff clearly and did her job well; it's her friendly personality that stands out.


    Storage made Easy!!!!!

    The storage mart in Shawnessy is run by a great manage , name of Anna. She is one of the brightest managerially adept people I know. She has an eye on her inventory at any givne momen, a friendly smile and a winning attitude Organized ot the hilt - an helpful in every way possible. Personable in every way. She has it all going on!! and because of that her location runs like acharm. She should be congratulated !! Regards James S. Charnock Happy Customer


    Ultimate Customer Service

    Good Day, My experience with Storage Mart was great, only a short time however everyone I have dealt with was great. Even down to the customer service which I may add is in the states were excellent with me. Anna the location manager was fabulous with her details, walked me through all the do's and don'ts which was great. I would strongly suggest storage mart for all storage needs!! Forgot to mention all of this without a reservation!!


    We've founed both the Asst & the Manager are very accomodating and help us right away with our needs.

    Therefore I will highly recommend this compsny to my other friends.



    Storage Mart staff were extremely helpful and accommodating.


    Great service, staff friendly and helpful, I would recommend this company to everyone.

    I have a locker in Shawnessy and I found the staff very pleasant and helpful and I have no complaints.


    Moral of the story - rent online!

    "Got the exact unit I needed, which apparently was not supposed to be listed online as someone else had reserved it. I feel bad for whomever I ""stole"" it from, but according to the manager I got it fair and square."


    Storage Mart Does It Right

    The customer service is exceptional. I was very impressed by Anne at the Millrise location, she went above and beyond to offer the best optioin for my storage needs. Storage Mart really does it right!


    Great service. nice people. the girl in the office is awsome.

    Nice and close, the girl in the office sold me. I was going to look around but this employee is one that everyone wishes tthey had including myself. Great job in capturing the opportunity.


    Excellent customer service!

    i had excellent service there and the storage is a perfect size for me and really convenient. im happy i went there to put my storage. Thank you storage mart. :) The lady was very nice and told me everything i needed to know.


    friendly associate and easy to deal with

    The staff was friendly and easy to deal with. Easy access with great hours. Great location!!!


    Very professional with an amazing Customer Service

    Very professional with an amazing Customer Service


    excellent costumer service!

    Excellent costumer service! Kudos! to Anna the manager and Liza for helping me with my needs and discounts. Very well explained the contract and what not. The best experience ever in costumer services! I definitely recomment this site to anyone!


    Storage Mart Really Stacks Up!

    Staff was very helpful and friendly. Overall a very productive experience. The only problem was the contract - it was printed in very small letters and was difficult to read.


    Complete Storage and Moving Supply Experience

    From the moment I walked in the staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Although there were no small units available, I was offered a larger unit at a discount. Anna explained all of the features and completed the paperwork in a short time. I was able to purchase all of the boxes and packing materials that I would require. All in all I was completely satisfied. I would recommend Storage Mart to anybody that asks.


    A very good experience

    Staff were friendly and helpful

  2. 2 40th Street SE
    3304 StorageMart Calgary 40th
    11807 40 St SE
    Calgary, AB T2Z 4M8
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    5' x 10'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$177.99 $$$165.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsHeatedDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$181.99 $$$169.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$180.99 $$$165.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$234.99 $$$219.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$219.99 $$$204.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$309.99 $$$289.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$329.99 $$$309.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 30'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$423.99 $$$403.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 30'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$613.99 $$$593.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    20' x 20'X-Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$548.99 $$$523.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
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    Very convinient and friendly

    Hi, I'm Alex Perekhodov. I'd like to say thank you to the management for the excellent service! Lisa is nice manager, she is so friendly and helpful! The storage is clean and very convenient to download and upload my furniture. Thanks again. Alex Perekhodov


    Easy, no issues

    Checked in last week. Fast service, easy access and a clean unit.


    Calgary SE Location

    Good clean facility, office staff were fast & knew their stuff. Light bulb inside the unit was burnt out, this could have been checked before a new client gets possession, but otherwise no issues.


    Great Place

    This is a great pace to store your stuff. The staff are great and the place is very clean. I would recommend it to anyone.


    Storage Mart Calgary

    I had a really great experience.


    Excellent Service!

    Staff are great at explaining how everything works, the service is simple and easy to access! We can nearly access our storage at anytime of the week and the price is right!



    was i in for a rude awakening when i drove up to the location..Very tidy, the way i like it...and very the location of the cameras..very good and i can go there all by myself anytime.. The lovely lady at the desk made it so easy to decide to rent the storage. Great fast and friendly service. i recommend anyone to rent from this place...they are just fabulous people.


    No Reason NOT To Store Stuff Here

    Storage Mart has been very accommodating when I went to a bigger unit, and I am impressed by how they have upgraded the yard security and gates. the management seems to be genuinely interested in keeping everybody's stored stuff secure.


    Absolutely awesome experience at the 114th Ave SE, Calgary, AB location

    The Manager, Donna Barnes, is truly customer focused, extremely knowledge & will assist you with anything that is required in making your experience a success.


    Tidy and Clean, awesome location.

    Storage Mart is a great place to store things while I build my new home. Easy access and good security keep my mind at ease knowing my belongings are safe and secure.


    Great service

    Great service, the girl there is a customer service machine ....only complaint it snow removal is very bad, very company would never get away with that ice at any of our sites


    Absolutely wonderful and friendly!!

    So I rented a storage unit to help with my moving at the end of the month. I went to Self storage, the woman there her name is Bonnie she is so funny and great to talk to. On Sunday we took some of our stuff to the unit and couldn't believe how clean the yard was and thd unit didn't have a spec in it. It was great, and one of the best prices I found in Calgary as well.



    I like 24/7 access, drive up access


    Took me in right away. Got my space. Manager was awesome

    If you need storage. Use these guys


    StorageMart if your smart

    I recently chose StorageMart to store all my family's belongings . We sold our home and needed a temporary storage solution for almost everything we own till our new home is built. The staff were very pleasant to deal with and provided us with what we needed. 10x30 storage locker. I will definitely use StorageMart again in the future for all my storage needs.


    Very professional, friendly and well organized site manager with excellent service!

    Got me organized and informed in a friendly but proffessional manner. Selected a unit for me keeping my safety in mind. Took the time to ensure i understood everything by patiently answering all my question. Very cost effective way for me to have extra storage since i recently downsized my living style.


    Just as advertised

    StorageMart was very quick and efficient . We called on a Saturday morning and an hour later everything was complete and we started moving our stuff in.

  3. 3 Barlow Trail SE
    3305 StorageMart Calgary Barlow
    4687 Barlow Trail SE
    Calgary, AB T2B 3T6
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    5' x 5'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$91.99 $$$79.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$109.99 $$$97.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$177.99 $$$162.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$198.99 $$$183.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$170.99 $$$155.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$259.99 $$$239.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$434.99 $$$414.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    12' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$304.99 $$$284.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 30'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$404.99 $$$384.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 20'X-Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$438.99 $$$413.99 $First Month FREE
    18' FtParkingOnly 1 left
    $$82.99 $$$69.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Excellent Service

    We were looking for a certain sized unit. We visited one location to view what they had, but it was too large for our needs. The manager checked their system and found one at another location, she then called them to confirm availability and to hold it for us. She told us the names of who we would deal with at that location and gave us excellent directions on how to get there. She also confirmed the price with us. Both locations were very friendly and helpful.



    A great place to do business with


    Barlow Trail Calgary location

    Used the online reservation and booking system for the storage unit and all went smoothly. It was a bit tough to get the moving truck in (pods loaded on a flatbed), but the driver was able to maneuver through and park next to the unit. Unit is clean and dry. Like that the property gets locked up and has secure looking walls around. Also right next to a truck stop so its in a fairly well used area, despite being in a more industrial area of the city. Seems organized and friendly if extra info or assistance was required.



    I had a great experience, the staff is very helpful and friendly, would recommend to anyone!


    The stars shone down on us with this experience

    The folks there were friendly professional and very helpful in making the choice on which unit to rent it all an all around great experience in a very stressful time in our lives


    Best customer service

    Person I spoke to was very pleasant, helpful and good with directions. We needed to find a locker where a semi could pull up and we called across the country...... Awesome will use again and again.


    Great service, super convenient!

    The lady that took my reservation on the phone was great and knew what she was talking about. The guy that helped me with the rental unit at the Calgary Barlow location put up with my silly questions with a smile, he was friendly, and made me feel that my belongings would be just fine! The lot and units are very clean and seem to be very secure.


    "Easy, efficient ""check in"" and clean, safe site"

    I've only had our storage unit for a few days now, but I've been slowly bringing stuff over every day. Our check in was quick and efficient; all information was covered in a thorough manner. We were given a copy of our contract and within about 15 minutes we were unloading our stuff into the unit. Not really much else to say, I don't believe, other than this place serves it's purpose without any issues!


    Staff are great to deal with and made it easy to get set up!

    After messing up on the website sign in, it was easy to fix and get the best unit for my purpose by speaking directly to the manager. Wonderful people to deal with.


    clean,fun,and great

    Great people and sevice i would give 10 out 10 stars not 5 out 5 !!!


    Great experience. Very helpful on the phone, good rates, and very helpful at the storage location.


  4. 4 52nd St SE
    3307 StorageMart Calgary 52nd
    4201 52 St SE
    Calgary, AB T2B 3P2
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    5' x 5'Small UnitsOnly 1 left
    $$87.99 $$$75.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$106.99 $$$94.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$166.99 $$$154.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$173.99 $$$161.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 6'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$174.99 $$$162.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium Units
    $$219.99 $$$204.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate Control
    $$223.99 $$$208.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$241.99 $$$226.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$300.99 $$$285.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$279.99 $$$259.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 10'Large UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$358.99 $$$338.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$433.99 $$$413.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 24'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$299.99 $$$279.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 30'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$422.99 $$$402.99 $First Month FREE
    24' x 20'X-Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$568.99 $$$543.99 $First Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    Excellent service!

    From the very start the customer service was exceptional! I called in to reserve a unit and the gentlemen was able to provide me with an appropriate unit size based on what I had to store, it was very helpful. When I went in I believe it was Sharon that helped me and she was amazing, patient, polite and very professional she made the process very easy! Great staff if I need to store in the future I will be going back.


    Very helpful

    Steffi worked with us to figure out what size of storage we needed. It was a very pleasant experience


    Storage Mart is your one stop shop!

    When you are looking for storage, look no further than storage mart. Not only can they get you want you want for a unit, but they have all your moving needs, and locks readily available! Great work!


    Till back on my feet

    I am very happy with the service. They help you and give you the best storage and rates that are very reasonable.Storage Mart you are Awesome!!! Thank you so much!! I would like to say thank you very much to Cindy!! She was very helpful Respectfully Sonya Greenwood


    Great storage facility with Amazing service!

    We came there looking for a storage unit. Was acknowledged right away even though the manager was very busy. She took the time to show us all the units and how easy it was to up grade if we needed in the future. The paperwork was quick and easy. Could not have asked for better service. I have been to many other places and most did not even acknowledge us or respond to my emails or phone calls. Very happy with our choice here it's safe and clean!



    Very clean friendly caring and always greated with a smile



    Great service


    Best Place Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First time ever needing storage in my life. Wow Cindy was the best new her job like the way customer service should be provided. The storage is so clean and nice I was surprised what it actually looked like. I wouldn't go anywhere else this place is amazing. Thanks Cindy for being you.


    Awesome, friendly, and informative service.

    I was really pleased with the storage unit I rented, and was nicely surprised to find everything fit and then some. Sales person was extremely helpful and friendly. Space is clean and easily accessible. I like that we have access to a push cart and dolly.



    Excellent service, clean units


    it's a great place its safe and i would recommend it to family and friends

    i've used storage mart twice i had great service friendly i knew my stuff was safe and well taken care of there if anyone is looking for a good storage place this is it storage mart is the place



    Had an great experience, friendly service and great rates compared to other places I've checked


    5 star

    I went to storage mart because it was close to my home but the service I received was excellent! Their name should be storage great


    Great service!!

    Prompt, efficient and fast. Well done and thank you.


    great service

    the manager at erinwoods location was awesome and very helpful. she didnt mind that we went in 5 minutes to close. took her time to help us in getting a really thought out deal, great service, highly recommended


    Helpful and handy

    Cindy, the receptionist, was wonderful. She was extremely helpful in showing me different sized units and such, very thorough with costs and explaining it all to me, and just really did her job well. Definitly could tell she had great people skills and even though she sounded sick ( cold) she still trooped along and got her stuff done well. Very happy with my overall experience, will definitely use in the future.


    Clean tidy safe.

    This is the third time we have used StorageMart. Very good, thanks.


    Highly recommended

    Clean, tidy, easy to access, good security, good price - what more could you want?


    I have nothing bad to say!

    Check in went quick and smooth with the lovely manager getting me all in very efficiently, with a quick tour around the lot and to my locker. Made it so easy. :)


    Great Introductory Rates...50% off 1st month rental.

    Excellent Customer Service...


    Accommodating beyond my expectations.

    We had to accommodate a very large truck to a large storage unit and every office we dealt with was so helpful and friendly and very informative.


    very good customer service, nice girl in office, very efficient

    We had a storage unit booked at another company, when we got there the door to the storage locker was frozen shut the girl handed me a hammer and chisel and I handed it right back and went to Storage Mart and was treated very well and it is kept really nice and clean. The girl that looked after us was very nice and very helpful.


    Good service but unit need service.

    The manager was great to deal with and set me up quickly. The problem I have is snow is getting into my unit at the corners of the door and the eaves trough above my unit leaks a lot when it rains.

  5. 5 42nd Ave SE
    StorageMart 42nd Ave SE Calgary climate control
    StorageMart 42nd Ave SE Calgary self storage
    StorageMart 42nd Ave SE Calgary drive up - loading ramp
    StorageMart 42nd Ave SE Calgary office
    StorageMart 42nd Ave SE Calgary storage
    1111 42 Ave SE
    Calgary, AB T2G 1Z3
    See all 33 reviews
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$96.99 $$$79.99 $First Month FREE
    6' x 4.5'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$109.99 $$$97.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$146.99 $$$134.99 $First Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$201.99 $$$189.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 9'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$223.99 $$$208.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate Control
    $$233.99 $$$218.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$254.99 $$$239.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 13'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$257.99 $$$242.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate Control
    $$279.99 $$$264.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-Up
    $$331.99 $$$316.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$359.99 $$$339.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$359.99 $$$339.99 $First Month FREE
    10' x 25'Large UnitsDrive-Up
    $$389.99 $$$369.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 13'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$410.99 $$$390.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 30'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$394.99 $$$374.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 15'Large UnitsClimate ControlDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$419.99 $$$399.99 $First Month FREE
    20' x 15'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$509.99 $$$489.99 $First Month FREE
    11' FtParkingOnly 1 left
    $$112.99 $$$99.99 $Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    just what I needed

    Had to manage/store our furnitue for about a week between houses and Storage Mart turned out to be the perfect solution. With their special offer running in the month of June, saved $$. Found the space to be clean and safe. Booking was pretty straight forward too. Definitely would recommend for value for money!!


    Storage Units in Calgary

    Service and Convenience from the Staff at Calgary 42nd Ave Location has been superb an has assisted us in Helping others for Storage and Transfer during Moves , Thanks JJN


    Awesome prices, great service!!!!

    Great people helping me get my unit booked. 1St month was so cheap!! $40 Just a great storage place with great friendly people and good prices.



    I was thoroughly impressed with my 1st experience at Storage Mart on 42 Ave and Blackfoot Trail In Calgary Alberta on May 20, 2015. I got there to obtain a short term, small storage unit that I had booked/reserved online from out of town. I waited a short time as the 1 staff member from the office was just going out to show another party to their unit. She was back quickly, did my bookwork, confirmed price and input the 1 free month (which might have been a special at that time, not sure if that is an ongoing feature or not ) and got me my air miles. She gave me my gate code and then walked me over to my storage unit. I was impressed with the size of that very small 5x5 unit. It still had a height of 6 or 7 feet, I am sure. I was able to drive right into the area to double sliding loading doors with a roof over head of my vehicle which did give me shade while unloading my vehicle or shelter had it been raining, etc. My items fit in and would have still had room for more, although I didnt need it. They had 2 trolleys at the door to put items on and wheel to the unit. It was very helpful and went quickly for me. When I left, I felt that my items were secure. I will be back at end of June to remove my items and am sure if I ever need a storage unit again, I would use this business and location. Looking forward to an additional good experience removing my items as it was putting them in to the unit.


    Cheap and clean storage

    Only needed their smallest storage room available but very happy with the service, cheap and clean storage (way cheaper than others) friendly helpful staff, won't hesitate to use them again. Thanks!


    Splendid facilities

    We are very pleased with our decision to use Storage Mart for our storage needs. Hallways are nice and wide, easy to access to your unit and facilities are clean.


    excellent customer service

    The ladies at 42nd Avenue location in Calgary, Alberta are very helpful and friendly. This is by far the best storage company I have ever stored with. There prices are very reasonable and the facility is clean. I have recommended a few people to storage mart.


    Good service, would recommend

    Initial booking over the phone was easy and the agent was knowledgeable. She recommended that I book a larger unit but would be able to easily downsize after I view the units. When I arrived to Storagemart, the staff member was friendly and also knowledgeable. She advised me for the most cost effective unit for my needs, rather than upsell. Location was clean and lots of products available for moving or storage needs. The only criticism is that I had to wait longer then I would have liked when I arrived to sign the contract and pick the unit. Overall, I would recommend this facility.


    the best experience

    I found the staff to be very helpful and made the entire experience so much easier than I was expecting. My first time putting anything in storage and the explanations given and patience shown were exceptional. I would recommend this company to anyone needing to store anything..


    Excellent service

    Moved storage locations, and the staff at StorageMart was extremely helpful and accommodating. We have been here over four years, and have found the location to be clean with easy access, both summer and winter.


    Only been there for a month and it has been good so far

    So far it has been a month and the reservation was quick and easy; and despite the online reservation 5 day window expired on Christmas day they honored the price when I went in. The facility is clean and well lit. Also warm despite the frigid cold outside. The covered dock is nice too along with the automatic lights and doors.


    Excellent service

    Joining bonus of pretty much free 1st month is actually real and the process of renting a unit has been very smooth with excellent customer service along the way. Would highly recommend


    very helpful!

    the staff at storagemart was very friendly and very helpful, my son and i were in between houses and they helped us be cost effective with storing our home in between moves! i would definitely use them again!


    self storage

    Staff was awesome in helping me to get the right space for my temporary needs. The first month rental special was more than pleasing. It is all i needed and felt completely satisfied. They would be my first choice again and again


    Clean & Easy!

    This was my come back to Storage Mart. And as usual it was clean and easy for me because it is really close to my work. Definitely I will recommend this with my friends/relatives and the customer service in front desk are very helpful. It was my second time here to rented a storage and I am happy for it coz it works perfectly for me the location and time.


    Excellent Service

    I had to book a unit from out of town and all the forms were faxed and completed and returned by fax so that my rental was complete for the weekend. Excellent service and all questions answered.


    Easy, Secure & Enjoyable

    I have found storage mart to be an all together great experience. From the easily approachable staff to the way they explain everything in regards to the contract and how the gates work. They have supplies on hand in case you forget anything and the hours of operation are very reasonable in being open until 11pm! Check it out yourself and I know the experience will be just as satisfying as mine was.


    the GIRLS in the office ROCK!!

    Calgary 42 Avenue SE location - the girls in the office certainly stood up and did the company proud. I have recommended the location and both girls to many of my clients.


    the price was amazing

    When i moved out i wanted to store my belongings but i didn't have enough cash to rent a storage , but with StorageMart i was able to get a space with they amazing discount price , im grad to recommend to my family, friends and all carlgary to use Storagemart



    Friendly person explain all about rent


    Clean. Neat. Almost too nice to store things.

    The friendly staff make my storage mart the obvious choice when I needed extra space. The units are clean and we'll lit. They have moving carts available for loading and unloading, very convenient. The cleanliness is top notch and I can feel assured that my things are safe with the security and safety of the compound. I love that it's open 24/7 for commercial contractors too because when I get those ideas at 11 pm that I need to pickup or unload certain tools I can do it no problem. Very satisfied with my decision to store things at SM


    Neat and Secure

    This is a neat and secure location


    Storage mart is a very reliable and clean storage units.

    I Love that Storage Mart has easy access with your own codes. I like that each of the clients get privacy when going to their units.


    great friendly service and solid clean storage units with fantastic security all at a very affordable price!

    I would recommend this company to any one looking for a storage locker.


    Can't beat 1st month free!!

    Call center is not familiar with city and have me wrong directions but once I found the right place everything was Ok. Like the fact that I get first month free check in was a breeze.


    Very helpful!

    Experience was good, staff was knowledgeable and very helpful.


    Great rates, great staff, clean and well maintained facility. I'm very impressed overall.

    The customer service has been very friendly and professional. The facility is modern, clean, and well lit. I couldn't be more delighted.


    So far so good.

    It is a little to soon to say. I very much enjoyed dealing with your rep. She was informative, professional and very nice to talk to.


    Fast friendly convenient & easy

    Lorie in Calgary office Blackfoot & 42nd very helpful, thorough


    Amazing and accommodating!!

    I usually don't write reviews but they did an awesome job, I had an amazing experience with storage mart they were really accommodating to me, I had forgot my id and they let me pay for my storage unit to save it and changed me check in date till the next day, the following day I came in and they were so nice in and out with signing the papers, showing me whereupon locker was and showing me how to close it, was just a good all around experience!


    Great Service and excellent staff

    Right from the first call everything just fell into place. No worry and hassel free


    Not all storage are created equal: clean, well maintained, easy to get to, great customer service.

    Very easy to work with. Hours of availability are great. Competitive pricing and a wide variety of packages to suit your needs. I needed some storage quickly as my home sold and had a quick close. StorageMart worked with me to get my short and longer term storage needs met. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.


    Great service

    Great service and prices

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