Climate Controlled and Heated Storage in Calgary, AB

If you’re looking for a secure place to store your extra stuff that will be protected from the outside elements, StorageMart has you covered. We offer a wide selection of climate controlled storage units in Calgary at affordable rates. We have storage facilities in Calgary and all across the surrounding area, so your storage solution is always within reach with StorageMart.

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in Calgary, AB

Our number one goal is to provide Calgary and the surrounding community with quality storage solutions in convenient locations. We have facilities with climate controlled storage units reaching from downtown neighborhoods like Highfield out to places in southwest Calgary and Southeast Calgary. We are also a logical pick for students, families, and more. StorageMart also has storage facilities in Okotoks and Airdrie, so no matter where you are in the Calgary area, we have you covered.
StorageMart operates storage centers with heated units throughout all of Calgary. We have many locations in the heart of the city with a few others stretching out closer to Calgary International Airport and down near Bow River. We also have storage facilities in Airdrie and Okotoks on the north and south side of town, respectively. Find the nearest StorageMart facility in Calgary to you:

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Calgary, AB?

You don’t have to tell us how brutal Calgary weather can be. The winters can get horribly cold, and the summers don’t get much warmer despite constant sunshine. Staying diligent and prepared is the best way to protect yourself from the cold, but you need to be alert when it comes to your stuff, too. Keeping things improperly stored away during times of extreme cold or change in temperature can lead to fading, warping, cracking, and a long list of other potential damage.
Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about this when renting one of StorageMart’s heated storage units in Calgary. Several of our facilities offer air-conditioned and heated storage units that are kept between a consistent range of temperatures to protect against weather-induced damage. This means your property will be secure, whether it’s furniture, clothing, family heirlooms, or more. Finding the best climate controlled storage units in Calgary has never been easier than with StorageMart.

Heated Storage for Rent in Calgary, AB

When you need somewhere to keep your stuff guarded from the outside elements, go with StorageMart. We offer affordable climate controlled storage units in Calgary that will keep your things cozy and warm during the winter without breaking the bank. Almost all of our Calgary storage facilities are equipped with heated storage units, making us a sensible pick for anyone from Airdrie to Okotoks.
Check out our unit size guide to identify how much space you’ll need and explore our FAQ for more info. When you’re ready, find the nearest StorageMart facility to you to get started today!


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