Car Storage in Calgary, AB

From Fish Creek Provincial Park to Calgary International Airport, the homes and businesses of Calgary, AB, can count on StorageMart to provide additional storage space. On top of offering a wide variety of self storage units and several amenities, you can also find vehicle storage at select facilities. StorageMart offers you the features you want at an affordable price. Rent online for exclusive discounts.

Where To Find Car Storage in Calgary, AB

With our month-to-month leases and competitive rates, StorageMart vehicle storage can be perfect for you. Maybe you’re simply looking for a place to store the car that’s been occupying a spot in the driveway of your Edgemont home for a bit too long, becoming more of an obstacle than a vehicle. Find more space at a storage centre near you. Do you own a business in Highfield and need somewhere for that company truck or commercial van? Vehicle storage from a StorageMart location near you in Calgary, AB, can be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
When you have a car that needs a place to stay, whether that’s for a few short weeks or for long-term storage, you can find parking storage in Calgary, AB, at one of our many StorageMart facilities near you. In our quest to provide high-quality, convenient storage solutions to as many residents and businesses as possible, we have facilities all throughout Calgary, AB, many of which offer vehicle storage.
You can rent car storage from the following locations:

Calgary Car Storage Tips

Putting a car into storage isn’t complicated or difficult, but it does require a few extra steps to make sure it stays in good condition. When leaving a car parked in outdoor storage, you may want to invest in a waterproof, breathable car cover to protect your car from the elements. Not only can moisture create problems, but even those beautiful, sunny days aren’t great for your paint.
Furthermore, if you’ll be leaving your car unattended for longer than two weeks, it’s recommended to disconnect the battery. Although your car won’t be running, it still draws power from the battery, which will eventually be drained if the engine isn’t started for a long period of time. While you may lose your radio presets and preferences by disconnecting the battery, that’s a far better alternative to a dead car battery.

Small Vehicle Storage in Calgary, AB

Vehicle storage at StorageMart is for more than just cars. Not only do we have the space for boat storage and RV storage in Calgary, AB, but your smaller vehicles, including motorcycles and four-wheelers, can also have a place at our storage facilities.

Car Storage for Rent in Calgary, AB

When you’re ready to put a car into storage, we have the space to make it happen. Locate your nearest storage facility in Calgary, AB, to browse the available storage units. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, rent or reserve vehicle storage online today!


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