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All self storage units are climate controlled

Do you look around your home or office and realize you need an Etobicoke storage unit to help you get better organized? Is the only thing stopping you a concern that you’ll pay for more storage space than you need? Your worries are over. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is specifically trained to work with you to determine the storage solution best suited to meet your individual needs. Combine getting the right sized storage unit with our month-to-month leasing option and you can rest assured you’ll never be asked to pay for more storage space than you can use or for any longer than you’re using it. All storage units are climate controlled so your items will be in a temperature controlled environment and out of the cold and heat of the Ontario weather.

Islington & Bloor

Picture of StorageMart's facility at 144 Norseman St in Etobicoke, ON
We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 144 Norseman St in Etobicoke, ON
StorageMart storage facility at 144 Norseman St in Etobicoke, ON
Find a self storage unit at StorageMart, located at 144 Norseman St in Etobicoke, ON
144 Norseman St
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2R4
Just 1 km south of Bloor off Islington
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  • 24/7 Gate Access by Request
  • Keypad Access
  • Sells Moving Supplies
  • Climate Controlled
  • Pay Online Available
  • Handcarts Available
  • Fenced & Well Lit

Office Hours

  • Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sun Closed

Very pleased!

"Pleasant, helpful staff, very clean and bright."


"Easy, clean, safe"

"Never used a self-storage company before. Thought it would be dirty, creepy, and dark. To the contrary, Storage Mart is well-lit, comfortable, and very clean. Lots of variety of sizes of lockers, they have a secure entry process so we felt safe and felt our things were safe. Their store has everything you need to move, including boxes, tape, supplies, locks, etc. Would definitely use them again and recommend them again. Now thinking about keeping a locker year-round for seasonal goods."


First Time Renter

An easy process with an excellent and friendly manager at the desk.


Commendation for Abinii!

"I have been with StorageMart for over a year and everytime I go, I have been treated so respectfully & professionally by Abinii and her employee. It goes without saying that Abinii is efficient at her job, but it is her professional courtesy that stands out! I know that is expected in conducting her work, yet I applaud her for being SO CONSISTENT in her delivery. Bravo!"


Looking forward to successful interaction

We have only just taken a unit but in all matters and all questions were answered with speed and courtesy. Looking forward to working with your personnel who have been very accommodating to date.



Love the the place and the service they giving me every time


Great storage place

"Letting everyone know that this is a great storage place..Clean, climate controlled and friendly happy service..Totally recommend this storage facility.."


StorageMart on Norseman Avenue

"Renting a locker for the first time was a very positive experience. Albini, Manager, scored high points in her management and people skills. She answered my queries with patience and professionalism and provided me with good advice. The 'first month free' was appreciated since I needed to rent the locker for three months. Each time I went there, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the building and how well everything was organized. I highly recommend StorageMart on Norseman!"


#1 Storage Mart in Etobicoke

"Storage Mart at Islington/Norseman is the perfect facility for us. Climate controlled, clean, easily accessible."


excellent service

Very well informed staff.... Great customer service


"We like storage mart for the clean and bright, the friendly staff and the easy access."

"having used other storage facilities, we have returned to Storage Mart, for the clean, easy access and friendly environment."


Extremely Helpful Front Desk

I just want to commend Abini at the front at our StorageMart at Islington and Norseman. The online receptionist was somewhat helpful but the personal attention I received at the actual site was such a relief at a time of turmoil. Thank you.


"Clean, courteous, enjoyable."

"While storing items is similar to going through a move, I actually look forward to my trips to my storage unit. I will miss it when I eventually no longer have a need for a storage unit."


Storage Mart's Method of Billing.

"I would recommend Storage Mart with reference to it's location, just south of me on Islington Ave., however the one aspect of this company that I do take exception to is the pro-rated billing. If a customer reserves a locker half way or part way through any month, he or she shouldn't be billed for a full month at the 1st of the following month and thereon for every month following. The billing should be prorated right through into the 2nd or 3rd month of renting, and not immediately upon the following month's rent. I think you get my drift."


Staff members are very friendly

Easy to access reasonable price



great storage, friendly stuff, always clean


Great Service

The staff there are very friendly. Unit was priced well and promo offers were great.


awesome storage facility

Professional staff. Clean, safe location. Truly an awesome experience. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. We had a few good laughs too!



Great customer service. Very thorough and detailed. Extra clean premises at the Norseman facility. Supplies (boxes, packing tape, locks, etc.) are reasonably priced and good selection.



They remember my name, personally, also called me to advise that I had left my door/lock unlatched.. Great service..


Excellent service and customer follow up at Norsemen Etobicoke location.

I was looking for an additional storage unit to the one I already had. Marina showed me several available options. We went through the the pricing choices. I had to delay the decision and she patiently followed up when the right unit became available. Very pleasant, always a smile on her face and bright. The site is clean, well lit with good security. It is not cheap so carefully think through the size needed.


StorageMart on Norseman in Etobicoke

The whole experience was very pleasant, Mariana (?) at reception was great in welcoming and orienting me, my movers were able to smoothly load the unit a few days later without my needing to be present.


Excellent Staff at StorageMart

Clean and well heated, was made to feel extremely welcome by the friendly staff, who went out of their way to answer any and all questions I had.


first time storage experience was one to remember.

the staff at 144 norseman were absolutely the most amazing .Abinii and Sandra were so helpful to me Their always smiling and very friendly. They made my experience a stress free and enjoyable one . I would most definitely recommend using this facility to anyone who needed a place to store there things . thank you all for all you have done for me .


Everything has benn very good.

Everything has been as expected, courtious people and very clean premises.



The team at Storage-Mart have been great to work with. They are friend, kind and helpful through the process of sign up and beyond. They were knowledgeable of the process and supportive. I will refer they to others.


Excellent customer service

I appreciated the customer service at the time of the rental. The sales person was very polite and helpful The first time I entered it alone and closed it improperly they called me to let me know.


Friendly Staff, good value and very clean facilities!

This place is well maintained and well lit. Easy to get in and out of and with two driveways and two separate entry points.


Service was superb

Service was superby, handled everything professionally, incredibly courteous staff. It was a pleasure working with them. thank you


The customer service I received from both the Call Centre as well as going in person to the storage faciliy was oustanding!!!

I rented a 8x10 sized storage locker from the location on Norseman St, in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. I originally placed the order through the call centre who were very helpful in taking my information and forwarding it to the store location. Within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone, a representative from the store location called to confirm the details of the transaction. I went in on Sat. March 15th, and Sandra assisted me. She was very thorough in showing me the premises, and explaining all of the rules and regulations in detail. She was friendly and delivered a great customer experience.


Exactly what I needed, but didn't know it is so easy and affordable

I had experience wth two storage companies before, and StorageMart just can not be compared! Immaculate, very secure with personal code, temperature controlled, easy access through loading docks with dolly and elevator. Top it all with excellent attentive facility operator. I'm happy.


Secure Ultramodern Storage Facilty

Really impressed by the gleaming solid construction, secure keycode access, ultraefficient elevators, and fire safety features. Less impressed by the confused staff answering the phone who didn't seem to know what units were available, or by the reception the first evening who wouldn't show me my unit or allow me to put my lock on. However, the manager afterward was friendly enough to show me around, allow me 24/7 access to get all my stuff in, and even call me up if I put my lock on wrong. Four out of five stars, but could be a wee bit more organized.


Off to a great start

I needed a small storage unit near home and thought I'd give StorageMart a try as I'd purchased packing boxes there before. Abini, the employee on duty at the time, was terrific. She cheerfully explained everything clearly and thoroughly. The facility is extremely clean, tidy and clearly well-run. Couldn't ask for anything more.


I love this place. It has made my life better.

I live in a very tiny house downtown toronto. So I need storage space. It's so great keeping my stuff there. They have dolleys and I feel safe when I am there. My house is not crowded with all my items from the different seasons


Clean, professional and easy to navigate.

This location is Clean, professional and easy to navigate.



I have been with Storage Mart now for over five years. Always clean, well lit, and accessable. Perhaps not the leat expensive of options, but the security and clean building, is worth the extra cost.

You can find our Etobicoke storage facility conveniently located on Norseman Avenue, just west of the Islington Avenue intersection. We’re just minutes from Beacon Motors and Dufflet Pastries.

Why choose StorageMart?

  • You’re not locked in.

    Whatever works for you. One week or one year, StorageMart requires no long-term contract.

  • Save everytime.

    With no deposits, affordable rent, and free month specials, we’re dedicated to saving you money.

  • You’re in control.

    No commitments. You’re free to change unit sizes and check-in dates to fit your needs.

Self Storage Units at StorageMart on Norseman St

  1. Small Units
    2' x 5'Small UnitClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$94.99 / month$$82.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    5' x 5'Small Unit
    $$121.99 / month$$109.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitClimate Control
    $$154.99 / month$$142.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5' x 4'Small UnitClimate Control
    $$78.99 / month$$66.99First Month FREE
    10' x 5'Small Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    10' x 5'Small Unit
    $$166.99 / month$$154.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    5' x 10'Small Unit
    $$166.99 / month$$154.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    5' x 15'Small Unit
    $$191.99 / month$$179.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    8' x 10'Small UnitClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$264.99 / month$$252.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
  2. Medium Units
    10' x 10'Medium Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    10' x 10'Medium Unit
    $$223.99 / month$$208.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitClimate Control
    $$279.99 / month$$264.99First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    10' x 15'Medium Unit
    $$294.99 / month$$279.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitClimate Control
    $$309.99 / month$$294.99First Month FREE
    15' x 10'Medium UnitClimate ControlPremium Location
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Arrow Road
    11.9 kilometers away
    15' x 10'Medium UnitClimate ControlPremium Location
    $$339.99 / month$$324.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
  3. Large Units
    10' x 17'Large UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$379.99 / month$$359.99First Month FREE
    20' x 10'Large Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    20' x 10'Large Unit
    $$339.99 / month$$319.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitDrive-Up
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Todd Baylis Blvd
    7.5 kilometers away
    10' x 20'Large UnitDrive-Up
    $$379.99 / month$$359.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    20' x 10'Large UnitClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$470.99 / month$$450.99First Month FREE
  4. Parking Units
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 18 ft LParking Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Kipling Avenue
    1.5 kilometers away
    SitefinityWebApp.Models.UnitModel..Nearby.UnitDimensionsTextParking Unit
    $$192.99 / month$$179.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 28 ft LParking Unit
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Evans Avenue
    3.5 kilometers away
    SitefinityWebApp.Models.UnitModel..Nearby.UnitDimensionsTextParking Unit
    $$232.99 / month$$219.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!

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Etobicoke Storage Features and Amenities

Drive-In covered loading bays help make getting things in and out of your storage unit in Etobicoke more comfortable when the weather is a bit less agreeable. Don’t let bad weather spoil a perfectly planned move. With multiple elevators, hand carts, and dollies your move into self storage at StorageMart is easy and hassle free.

Planning on storing books, electronics, or leather furniture in your Etobicoke storage unit? Climate controlled storage in Etobicoke maintains moderate temperature levels, making it the perfect choice for all seasons and all self storage needs. With month to month leasing, personal key pad access, and 24 hour video camera equipment recording the facility, StorageMart is the quick and easy self storage solution for our customers in Etobicoke.

This StorageMart facility is owned and operated by InStorage Limited Partnership, which is licensed to use the StorageMart logo by StorageMart Partners L.L.C.