Keeping Your Belongings Secure Matters—to You and to Us.

We know that you’re trusting us when you choose to store your belongings at StorageMart, and we take that responsibility seriously. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about security at StorageMart below.


Do I need my own lock?
We require that there be a lock on your unit. You can purchase a lock from our store at your StorageMart location. The locks are designed to work perfectly with our units, and it saves you the hassle of finding and buying one prior to moving in.

Do you have video cameras?
StorageMart does include self storage security cameras as part of our facility amenities at most of our locations. Video monitoring provides peace of mind when storing with us.

Who will have access to my unit?
Per StorageMart lease requirements, only the lease holder and any authorized users on the lease may have access to your storage unit.

What is keypad entry?
Our facilities' buildings are encircled by a fence. To gain access to the storage buildings, users must pass through an access gate that is fitted with a keypad. StorageMart customers are issued a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access to the facility. Only leaseholders and authorized users are granted access to the facility.

What type of lock do I need?
Most of our units are best locked with a disc lock, available for purchase at our stores. While other lock types do work, the disc lock helps deter someone from cutting the lock due to its design.

Gate Access

How do I enter my gate code?
Follow the instructions on the keypad to enter your gate code. Enter your unit number then pound followed by your four digit code then enter *. If you have any issues accessing your unit, please contact your store manager.

What does this error code mean when I enter the gate code? (Access Denied, See Manager, Timed Out)
If you have received an access denied then you have an overdue balance. Timed out error is because gate access hours are closed. If you have any issues accessing your storage unit please contact your store manager.

Why won't my gate code let me out?
You must enter your gate code before entering the facility. You cannot follow another person in. If you do not register going in, the code will not work coming out.

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