How Does Self Storage Work?

Whether you’re new to self storage in general or curious about how things work at StorageMart, you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about general self storage and procedures at StorageMart below.

General Storage Questions

How does it work?
First, find a location near you. View StorageMart locations at Next, rent online or call the store you want to rent at. It's very much like reserving a hotel room. Provide the necessary information, go over your lease agreement with the store manager, and sign the lease agreement so you can begin to store your belongings.

Can I rent self storage for another person?
No, you can't rent a storage unit for another person. The person who is renting the storage unit must show up to sign the lease.

What is or is not allowed in my storage unit?
Items that are/aren't allowed in storage are clearly identified in part #9 and #13 in the lease. If you have any other questions regarding specific items, please contact your store manager.

Is the unit fully enclosed? Can people see my stuff?
Yes, StorageMart storage units are fully enclosed, and others cannot see your belongings while the door is closed.

How do I apply for a donation or corporate sponsorship?
StorageMart provides donated storage space or sponsorships to a variety of charities around the world. To see if you qualify, go to our Store it Forward page and submit an application. The process is quick and easy, and someone from our team will review the application and be in touch.

What if water gets in my unit?
If there is water in your unit, please contact your store manager as soon as possible.

Can I live in a storage unit?
No, you are not allowed to live in a storage unit. As tempting as it may seem for the rates that storage units go for, it is unsafe and illegal.

Can I use a storage unit as a workshop?
Yes! You can work out of a storage unit. We have some units that have outlets to make this more feasible. Simply ask the store manager about options for keeping a workshop in a unit. They will help you find one to suit your needs.

Can I use self storage for inventory management?
Business storage units are actually pretty common. Self storage is a great solution for inventory management, and many StorageMart facilities offer 24/7 access, allowing you to retrieve inventory outside of business hours.

How do I rent a storage unit?
You can rent a storage unit on StorageMart's website or contact the store you want to rent from. The store manager will help you navigate the renting process.

Who needs self storage?
There are many reasons for a storage unit. While self storage is available for practically anyone, there are some types of people who need it often. We have many renters who are homeowners looking for a some extra space at home. We also have small and large businesses who need to store paperwork or office equipment. Another common customer who stores with us is students. They leave to go home for the summer and have to move out of the dorms, so rather than pack everything and take it home, they store it in a storage unit and retrieve it when the new semester starts. Whatever your walk in life, self storage can be an excellent solution to find a bit more organization and space in your home or office.

Why do you need self storage?
The reasons to rent a storage unit go beyond simply needing a little extra space. There are many circumstances where self storage would be a solution. Downsizing: one of the common needs for self storage arises from people who are downsizing their home. Rather than get rid of belongings that have sentimental value or may be needed later, customers can store the items for retrieval later. This allows them to move to a smaller space while retaining their belongings. Organizing: Another common reason people rent a self storage unit is to help organize their home or office. Belongings accumulate over time, and eventually people need some more space. While some items are invariably discarded, others are put into storage, creating that extra space where you need it without sacrificing your belongings. Moving/Staging: People who are moving sometimes need a staging space while the new home is being finalized. A self storage unit is a feasible and affordable solution to store furnishings while renovations or final touches are done to the new home.

How do self storage units work?
Self storage is a place to store your extra belongings where you can easily access them, but without taking up room at your home or office. Renting a storage unit is very similar to reserving a hotel room or renting an apartment. You choose the unit size that is right for you, then go over a lease agreement with the store manager. They will explain how the lease works, the terms and conditions, the rental fee schedule, and any other details that you might have questions about. After that, just sign the dotted line and the storage unit is yours to use! Load up your belongings and take advantage of your newfound space.

What sets StorageMart apart from the competition?
StorageMart is a privately owned business with family values and big brand features and policies. It is the largest privately-owned self storage company in the world, but promises Easy, clean, and friendly service to every customer. A thought leader in the industry, StorageMart strives to offer modern storage amenities, top-notch customer service, and a no-hassle rental process.

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