Climate Controlled Storage in Miami, FL

Whether you’re new to the Miami area or are a life-long resident, it’s no secret that the summer weather can be brutal. When you’re in need of a place to keep even your most delicate items, climate controlled storage at StorageMart can help. Choose from a variety of temperature regulated spaces to provide your items additional protection while you’re away. Rent or reserve a climate controlled storage unit at StorageMart today!

Where to Find Climate Controlled Storage in Miami, FL

You can find a variety of StorageMart storage facilities in the Miami area. At each of our storage facilities, we offer climate controlled storage to better protect your belongings from potential damage. Our Miami storage facilities offer both heated and air-conditioned storage units to accommodate your storage needs. Find your nearest StorageMart storage facility and rent your climate controlled storage unit today!

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Miami, FL?

Climate controlled storage units maintain a more consistent temperature inside your storage unit despite changing temperatures outside. Climates with high humidity are not ideal for storing items, as humidity or built up moisture can cause water damage or mold growth. Similarly, storage environments that are exposed to sun or extreme heat can result in certain materials being damaged or discolored from the sun rays.
With climate controlled storage units, continuous air circulation and a steady climate can help prevent damage to delicate items in your storage unit. Additionally, the regulated temperature makes it more comfortable when loading and unloading items. Some items are more sensitive to weather-related damage, including:
  • Linens and delicate clothing
  • Wooden furniture
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Leather furniture
  • Medical supplies
  • Electronic appliances
The rules for storing items in a climate controlled storage unit don’t differ much from a standard storage unit. While there are certain materials and items that we recommend storing only in a climate controlled storage unit, all items permitted for traditional storage are also welcome for climate controlled storage. Items prohibited from our storage units include: food, hazardous materials, stolen items, weapons, and perishables.

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in Miami, FL

At StorageMart, we’re committed to providing secure, convenient storage solutions. With advanced storage features available, including climate controlled storage units, you can have peace of mind knowing your storage items will be protected. Not sure what size of storage unit you’ll need? Browse our unit size guide or FAQ page to get started. Or, if you’re ready to claim your climate controlled storage unit, rent or reserve your Miami storage unit online today!


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