Car Storage in London, ON

From the London International Airport to the neighbourhoods of Byron and Lambeth, you can count on StorageMart when you’re feeling pressed for space. With a wide selection of storage units and some of the best features, including climate controlled storage, drive-up access, and vehicle storage, StorageMart has you covered for self storage in London, ON.

Where To Find Car Storage in London, ON

When you live or work in London, ON, you never have to worry about what you’ll do with a spare car. There are all sorts of situations where you could find yourself with a car that has nowhere to go. You might be one of the many bright minds studying on-campus at Fanshawe College or Western University. If you’re flying home in between terms, StorageMart can be the perfect place to store your car while you’re away.
Perhaps you’re downsizing to an apartment in London, ON, and there’s a limit on the number of vehicles you can park in the lot. You might have a prime location for your business in downtown London, ON, but you’re beginning to outgrow the space you have available for your company trucks or transit vans.
Regardless of the reason, the parking space at StorageMart can be the new place your vehicle can call home. With lots secured by complete perimeter fencing, exclusive gate access, and 24-hour video surveillance, London car storage at your nearest StorageMart can provide exceptional peace of mind, all while being offered at the most competitive rates.
Car storage in London, ON, is available to rent at the following storage facilities:

London Car Storage Tips

A clean car is a car that’s ready for storage. While it’s always refreshing to return to a tidy vehicle, cleaning your car before putting it into storage also prevents pests, mold, and deterioration. Thoroughly vacuum the interior of your car and wipe down all surfaces. You don’t want to leave behind any crumbs or spills, as bugs and small rodents will be tempted to enter your vehicle if they can smell something tasty. Furthermore, filling possible entry points, such as the exhaust pipe, with a rag or steel wool makes it harder for pests to find their way into your vehicle. Just be sure to remove anything plugging the exhaust pipe before starting the vehicle in the future.
You also want to clean the outside of your vehicle. Storing your car in London, ON, with dirt, grime, bugs, or bird droppings caked on can cause damage and deterioration to your car’s paint. Take the car through the wash, particularly one that will clean the undercarriage. Once dry, wrap your car with a snug, breathable cover to protect it from precipitation and sun exposure.

Small Vehicle Storage in London, ON

There are so many ways you can use a London, ON, storage unit. For example, a storage unit can be exactly what you need to clean out your garage. If you have a motorcycle, four-wheeler, or other small vehicle occupying the space in your garage you can store it all at your local StorageMart. With an assortment of unit sizes you're sure to find the storage solution to fit your small vehicle needs.

Car Storage for Rent in London, ON

Renting car storage in London, ON, is easy when you choose StorageMart. All of our storage units, including available vehicle storage, can be browsed online and rented at any time for your convenience. Plus, with online payment options, managing your storage is just as simple. Locate your nearest StorageMart facility to see what’s available and get started today!


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