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Have you made the decision to rent a storage unit in London, but you’re not sure how much space you need? Let us put your concerns to rest. Not all Canadian self storage facilities are the same, but at StorageMart we offer storage units in a variety of sizes and options. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the solution best suited to fit your specific needs. All units at this location are ground floor. This means there are no stairwells or elevators to navigate. Move easily through our wide hallways and right to your storage unit door with the use of our handcarts and dollies.

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Commissioners Rd & Andover

StorageMart storage facility at 328 Commissioners Rd W in London, ON
StorageMart Commissioners Rd London storage nearby
We offer multiple outdoor storage unit options at our facility at 328 Commissioners Rd W in London, ON
328 Commissioners Rd W
London, ON N6J 1Y3
1km west of Wharncliffe on Commissioners
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  • Keypad Access
  • Sells Moving Supplies
  • Climate Controlled
  • Pay Online Available
  • Fenced & Well Lit

Office Hours

  • Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sun Closed


"At time I was looking for storage space ,I was also frantic on where or what I was going to do. I have 3 small kids and the place I was waiting on didnt know if they could get me in right away. The price they give me was unreal and so I got storage space and low and behold I didnt get it big enough and didnt know what I would do. It was a few days before the end of the month and when I phoned and talked to them about another unit, she said because the first month is free she would only bill me for a few days..WOW!! On my way down there , I was rejoicing and thanking Jesus for looking after us. So when I walked in there my eyes were all red and I told her"" they were happy tears "" , this young lady gave me that storage for $0000.She never knew that if I had paid the storage, even though it was under $10, I wouldn't have had enough for a coffee.I can't say what a blessing these people were to me. I thank the Lord for their help. Their service and help was beyond EXCELLENT!!"


Great to deal with!

"I had to switch to a bigger unit two weeks after moving in and it was fast and easy, very accommodating."


So Happy

"Was so happy to use your storage,we were under time limits and it is close to where we will be moving to."


Excellent Service

"Fast, quick and friendly service"


Very good

I liked the manager and the unit was very clean


I rate Storage Mart 5 stars as I agree with above.

"My customer service experience from the kind, helpful and patient Ladies at the Commissioners Rd branch was very much appreciated and cost effective for managing my budget. Personally, the proximity of the location also helped reduce the process and stress of moving quite a bit. Thank you for your service."


Very nice and friendly

Quick and friendly


Staff are great!

"I rented my storage unit thinking it would be enough space for what I needed. Then a week later I was having to move to a bigger unit , then 2 days later I moved yet again to another unit that was more suitable for the bad weather that will eventually be here and didn't want anything to happen to my furniture due to that. The staff was so helpful and extremely friendly for those of us who sometimes have a hard time making up their minds . Thanks Storage Mart!!"


The unit is just perfect

"Clean, easy acessible. Excellent representation"


Fast and easy

Walked in and walked out with a storage unit in under 30 mins. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Super easy transaction. It's just nice to feel like you're getting a decent deal and that your business is appreciated.


Great Service, but Pricing Makes No Sense

"They are great to deal with and couldn't be more friendly. Good access and everything. The prices change though - I had a 5x9 unit for $100/month, and rented another 5x9 that came to $150/month. When I asked why, I was told ""supply and demand"", which to me is kind of a BS answer. I traded in the $150/month 5x9 for a 15x9 (3x the size) for $220/month, because I had just barely missed the ""9x15"" (how is this different than a 15x9?) that was $190/month. So yeah, great company to deal with, but the pricing is seemingly utterly random, so make sure you're getting the best space/dollar ratio. This financial escapade is why they got 4 stars instead of 5."


great customer service!!

Can't beat this place. Friendly, caring staff. Great prices, first month free!! Clean unit and everything perfect!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! VERY SATISFIED!! THANKS!



Nothing bad to say, u guys are amazing and staff is A+


Clean, well organized & friendly!

Your facility is in a convenient location. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Facility is clean and well kept. 1st time for us renting a storage unit. Thank you for being there for us!


Fantastic service

The service was quick and very friendly


service was excellent.

service was friendly kind and answered all my questions. would recommend this company.


need a clean, dry, secure and freindly storage option,, i got it!

i was seeking a dependable storage facitly close to my home and was pleased to find storagemart. The staff were pleasent and easy to deal with and found me just what i was looking for at a price i was comfortable with. I have no problem recommending this firm.

You can find our facility for self storage in London on Commissioners Road West, between Wonderland and Wharncliffe. The location is just west of Andover Drive next door to the London Real Estate Board.

Why choose StorageMart?

  • You’re not locked in.

    Whatever works for you. One week or one year, StorageMart requires no long-term contract.

  • Save everytime.

    With no deposits, affordable rent, and free month specials, we’re dedicated to saving you money.

  • You’re in control.

    No commitments. You’re free to change unit sizes and check-in dates to fit your needs.

Storage Units in London

  1. Small Units
    3' x 3' x 3'Small UnitClimate ControlLocker
    $$25.99 / month$$13.99First Month FREE
    4' x 4' x 4'Small UnitClimate ControlLockerOnly 1 left
    $$51.99 / month$$39.99First Month FREE
    4' x 4'Small UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$81.99 / month$$69.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small Unit
    $$86.99 / month$$74.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$99.99 / month$$87.99First Month FREE
    4' x 8'Small UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$111.99 / month$$99.99First Month FREE
    5' x 9'Small UnitOnly 1 left
    $$96.99 / month$$84.99First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitClimate Control
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Wonderland Road S
    1.8 kilometers away
    5' x 10'Small UnitClimate Control
    $$127.99 / month$$115.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 5'Small UnitClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$139.99 / month$$127.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small Unit
    $$99.99 / month$$87.99First Month FREE
    6' x 10'Small UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$119.99 / month$$107.99First Month FREE
    8' x 8'Small UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$181.99 / month$$169.99First Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small UnitDrive-Up
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Wonderland Road North
    3.0 kilometers away
    5' x 15'Small UnitDrive-Up
    $$136.99 / month$$124.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
  2. Medium Units
    9' x 10'Medium UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$174.99 / month$$159.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    9' x 10'Medium UnitClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$208.99 / month$$193.99First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$159.99 / month$$144.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$212.99 / month$$197.99First Month FREE
    8' x 13'Medium UnitClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$206.99 / month$$191.99First Month FREE
    10' x 11'Medium UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$192.99 / month$$177.99First Month FREE
    9' x 15'Medium UnitDrive-Up
    $$194.99 / month$$179.99First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitDrive-Up
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Wharncliffe Rd S
    1.9 kilometers away
    10' x 15'Medium UnitDrive-Up
    $$187.99 / month$$172.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
  3. Large Units
    9' x 18'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$234.99 / month$$214.99First Month FREE
    9' x 20'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$239.99 / month$$219.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitDrive-Up
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Wharncliffe Rd S
    1.9 kilometers away
    10' x 20'Large UnitDrive-Up
    $$239.99 / month$$219.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    8' x 25'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$261.99 / month$$241.99First Month FREE
    10' x 20'Large UnitClimate Control
    This unit is sold out here, but it's available nearby at the Wharncliffe Rd S
    1.9 kilometers away
    10' x 20'Large UnitClimate Control
    $$349.99 / month$$329.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 25'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$316.99 / month$$296.99First Month FREE
    10' x 27'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$338.99 / month$$318.99First Month FREE
    12' x 25'Large UnitPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$360.99 / month$$340.99First Month FREE

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At StorageMart, we aim to make renting a storage unit in London a quick and easy process for all of our customers. Our clean and well maintained facility is fully fenced and is well lit. 24 hour video camera equipment records the property, and access is only granted by a pin code gate so you can rent with peace of mind. Our month to month lease ensures that you are never locked into a long term contract. Modern storage amenities, a knowledgeable staff and perks like no deposit or minimum stay make StorageMart your best option for storage units in London.

Whether you’re searching for storage for your home or office, our wide variety of sizes and options offer a solution. This location includes contractor units that are prefect for small businesses, large corporations, the DIY'er, and the entrepreneur.

Keep in mind we have several locations throughout London, check out our otherLondon StorageMart locations for more options. A quick call with one of our local storage experts and you’ll be ready to go.

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