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How to Pack Odd Shape Items

Packing odd shape items can be a challenging task, even for the most experienced packers. Whether you are moving to a new home or packing up for vacation, it is handy to know how to pack odd shaped items effectively. We will share some tips with you on how you can become more knowledgeable with packing. 

Packing Odd Shape Item Tips

To begin with it’s important to gather all the necessary packing supplies for moving such as, right sized moving boxes or bubble wrap for protection.  Having supplies like this will ensure the protection of the items you are moving and allow them to be easily stacked and organized. 

Bigger items like tables or couches should be wrapped in plastics and placed lower on a moving truck or in storage, so you can stack items on top of it. Other various items like office chairs and lamps, which are normally shaped irregularly can be disassembled allowing for easier transport, packing, and storage. Keep in mind once you disassemble an item it is important to take notes on how to put it back together. Fragile items like glass and antiques need to be packed with proper padding such as a moving blanket to keep it safe from damage.  

Items we highly recommend for packing include bubble wrap, mattress and sofa covers, moving blankets, and moving boxes. 

Extra Space with Self Storage

Using these tips to help with packing odd shape items can help you create secure, well packaged boxes to ensure safe delivery or storage of your belongings. We know how frustrating large, odd shape items can be to store. Consider StorageMart and Manhattan Mini Storage, we offer various packing materials for moving those odd, shaped items along with a variety of units at an affordable cost. Check out our Self Storage Calculator and find the right unit for you!