Car Storage in Athens, GA

Freeing up space in your garage or driveway can seem like a daunting task, but with StorageMart it doesn’t need to be! We’re proud to offer convenient, affordable car storage options at select facilities throughout the city of Athens, GA. Choose from a variety of parking space sizes to meet your needs and rent online today.

Where To Find Car Storage in Athens, GA

When you have a set of wheels that need somewhere to go, look to StorageMart in Athens, GA. Car storage is one of many types of storage we offer, along with personal storage, business storage, student storage, and plenty more. At Storagemart, you can rent vehicle storage on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to keep your car or truck in storage for as long as you need it. Our car storage is always contained within a fully-fenced area with exclusive gate access for added security and increased peace of mind.
The following storage facilities in Athens offer car storage:

Athens Car Storage Tips

It’s best to have a plan when you’re putting your car into storage in Athens, GA. Be sure to clean the car inside and out, as traces of food and moisture can cause problems and attract pests. You may also want to consider a car cover to keep dust from collecting on the vehicle.
You certainly don’t want a dead battery on your hands. Even when the car is turned off, it’s still drawing energy from the battery. To prevent this, disconnect the battery before you leave. You’ll lose preferences such as your radio presets, but it’s better than a dead battery.

Small Vehicle Storage in Athens, GA

You might cruise in style with a sleek motorcycle. Maybe you like to camp on the weekend with your small pop-up camper. If it’s time to put a small vehicle into storage, StorageMart can be the place you go. Outdoor vehicle storage at your nearest storage facility in Athens, GA, provides secure vehicle storage, featuring fully fenced facilities, 24/7 video recording, and exclusive gate access.

Car Storage for Rent in Athens, GA

Car storage is yours to rent today at StorageMart. With affordable rates, flexible monthly leases, and top-notch security features, car storage in Athens, GA, is a stress-free breeze. Locate your nearest StorageMart facility in Athens, GA, to rent or reserve car storage today.


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