Car Storage in Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking to supplement the space in your Eastpoint Mall storefront or Middle River home, come to StorageMart. We provide convenient storage facilities around Baltimore with premium features. We even offer such options as storage for your boat, RV, or cars. For affordable, convenient storage in Baltimore, come to StorageMart.

Where To Find Car Storage in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore has historic ties to the automotive industry. While the old days of being a hub for manufacturing may be gone, Baltimore is still a great city for gearheads and enthusiasts alike. Two of the major interstate highways, I-95 and I-70, pass through Baltimore, with I-70 even beginning within the city.
Even with such a rich automotive history, it can still be a major challenge to find a good place to store your extra cars in Baltimore. Dealing with tight streets and historic homes not designed with cars in mind are both common issues. With StorageMart, you won’t need to worry about this. We have convenient and easily accessible facilities around the Baltimore area that will let you retrieve your car when you want it while still saving you space at home. You can get car storage at many of our storage facilities around the U.S., including these in Baltimore:

Baltimore Car Storage Tips

There are several steps you should take before storing your car away long term. If you want to keep the paint and bodywork looking good, you should thoroughly clean the outside of your car, then cover it with a sturdy, breathable, waterproof car cover. Cleaning the inside of the car is also beneficial for preventing pests, so be sure to vacuum the interior and wipe down all surfaces. Finally, get the vehicle caught up on all necessary and routine maintenance before putting it into storage. Be sure your insurance and registration are up to date as they are requirements for storing your vehicles at one of our facilities.

Small Vehicle Storage in Baltimore, MD

Storing a small vehicle at one of our facilities is pretty similar to storing a car. Follow most of the same tips, and your motorcycle, ATV, or other small vehicle should do well. If you’re storing a motorcycle, ATV, or any other small vehicle, stash it away with StorageMart and keep it ready for action.

Car Storage for Rent in Baltimore, MD

When you need space for your Baltimore home or business, come see us at StorageMart. We have the high-end storage you want at reasonable prices, and our facilities are convenient for you to access in the area. We also offer storage tips to help you make the most of your space. Find a Baltimore storage facility near you and rent online today to get started.