Book Sales in Brooklyn

The only thing better than a good book is a good book at a great price.

And the good news is that, if you live in Brooklyn, there are a slew of independent bookstores offering used, rare, and even antiquarian books.

5 Best Brooklyn Book Sales

If you like to read, you probably haven’t been in a bookstore that you don’t like. And second-hand book shops can be especially interesting and charming, often reflecting the tastes and personalities of their owners. Here is a half dozen of our favorites in Brooklyn.

Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers

This shop offers second-hand, rare, and new books, specializing in contemporary art, literature, philosophy, and design.

Unnameable Books

Selling both used and new books, this shop is known for its selection of fiction, poetry, and philosophy. Check the carts outside the store, where all books are priced at $1.

Terrace Books

You’ll find new, used, and rare books at this charming bookstore, which also hosts a variety of events, including author readings.

Here’s A Book Store

This shop sells both used and new books, but books are often stacked two deep, meaning you’ll want to ask for help if you can’t find something you’re looking for.

The Strand

While this store’s main location is on Broadway, it has kiosks throughout New York City and also has a presence at Williamsburg Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn. With an astonishing 18 miles of books on its three floors, the Broadway location is definitely worth a visit.

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