Car Storage in Hopkins, MN

Everything from traditional storage to climate controlled storage to vehicle storage can be found at a StorageMart storage facility in Hopkins, MN. With affordable storage rates, a wide selection of storage unit sizes available, and many secure storage features, renting storage for your home or business at StorageMart is an easy decision. Rent online today!

Where To Find Car Storage in Hopkins, MN

At StorageMart, we offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes, including popular sizes such as 5’ x 5’, 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, and more. What’s more is that we also have space for car storage in Hopkins, MN. Featuring outdoor parking storage at select storage facilities, you can store your car, truck, van, or other vehicle on a fully fenced lot that is kept under 24/7 video surveillance.
Storage in Hopkins, MN, is also accessible at extended hours. You can pick up or drop off your car in storage early in the morning or late at night any day of the week. Our facilities are located in highly convenient places throughout Hopkins, MN, with proximity to interstates and main routes. You can rent Hopkins car storage at the following storage facilities:

Hopkins Car Storage Tips

You’ll want to take a couple of extra steps when storing your car in Hopkins, MN. First of all, thoroughly clean the car before you bring it to the storage facility. Not only should you run it through the wash and get off any dirt, grime, or gunk that could be caked onto the paint, but also throw away all trash inside the vehicle and vacuum up any crumbs that may attract pests.
Furthermore, all vehicles being stored at StorageMart need to be in good working condition, so have all necessary maintenance and repairs completed prior to bringing your car into storage in Hopkins, MN. To protect your vehicle from moisture, sunlight, and debris, invest in a waterproof car cover.

Small Vehicle Storage in Hopkins, MN

At StorageMart, you can store all sorts of things. Household clutter, business essentials, cars, boats, and RVs all have a place to stay at StorageMart. You can also store small vehicles, including motorcycles, four-wheelers, ATVs, and other rides. Keep your small vehicle in a secure storage space by renting at StorageMart.

Car Storage for Rent in Hopkins, MN

Online rentals and online payments make it easy to rent car storage in Hopkins, MN. Simply start by locating your nearest StorageMart facility to see what’s available. From there, you can rent or reserve Hopkins car storage through our website and get started today!