Climate Controlled Storage in Lake Charles, LA

When you need a place to keep your belongings better protected from the extreme Louisiana heat, come to StorageMart. We offer a wide selection of climate controlled storage units in Lake Charles with many budget-friendly options. Whether you’re looking to store furniture, electronics, or anything else, you’ll find the space you need here.

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in Lake Charles, LA

Cradled inside the southwest corner of Louisiana near the Gulf Coast, Lake Charles is one of the South’s most underrated cities. With a population of just over 80,000, the city offers all the luxuries of city living while still maintaining a small-town feel. You’ll never have trouble finding things to do.
Life in Lake Charles is undeniably sweet, but it does come with some drawbacks—namely with space. If you find yourself feeling cramped in your home or place of business, allow StorageMart to be of assistance. We offer a variety of climate controlled storage units in Lake Charles with sizes suited for any and all storage demands. These units are kept within a steady range of temperatures to prevent damage caused by extreme heat and rapid changes in weather. Use our unit size guide to pin down exactly how much space you need.
Find Lake Charles climate controlled storage units at the following StorageMart locations:

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Lake Charles, LA?

Before moving things into storage, it’s important to consider the impacts the local climate may have on your things—especially in a place like Lake Charles. Even when conditions are calm, temperatures often approach triple digits and bring about unbearably persistent humidity.
Dealing with this extreme weather is hard enough on an individual level. It gets even more difficult when you realize how it can affect your property. To make sure your belongings are more protected, rent Lake Charles climate controlled storage with StorageMart. We offer heated and air-conditioned storage units in Lake Charles that are kept within a consistent range of temperatures to prevent fading, warping, discoloration, and other weather-induced damage.
Renting a climate controlled unit can be valuable when storing many different things. We recommend that any appliances, stereo systems, or other electronics be kept in a regulated unit to protect the internal components from taking damage. Furniture, vinyl records, artwork, and other items made of fragile materials should also be handled with extra care. Additional items commonly kept in Lake Charles climate controlled self storage include:
  • Leather couches
  • Vinyl records
  • Photos
  • Clothes made of leather, lace, or linen
  • Business documents
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Musical instruments
  • Family heirlooms

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in Lake Charles, LA

Find a reliable place for things and eliminate space-related stress from your life by renting from StorageMart. We offer several options for climate controlled storage in Lake Charles that are affordable and accessible. For more information, check out our storage tips page and list of frequently asked questions. Once you’re ready, find the closest StorageMart facility to you to get started today!