Climate Controlled Storage in Lexington, KY

When you want to declutter your Kenwick home or want to make room to grow in your Industry Road office, StorageMart has you covered with convenient and affordable storage options in Lexington. We also offer climate controlled storage and vehicle storage in Lexington to help meet your needs. Rent or reserve your unit online today.

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in Lexington, KY

Kentucky may not be one of the harshest states when it comes to the weather, but your central location leaves you exposed to high and low extreme temperatures that can cause major damage to your belongings. That’s why we offer climate controlled storage options in Lexington. When you choose our climate controlled options, you can protect your possessions from the worst temperatures the weather can throw at you.
Our climate controlled storage units are designed to maintain a consistent temperature all year long. Even in the depths of winter or the heights of summer, our climate controlled units stay nice and mild so your belongings don’t suffer. Climate controlled storage is the best choice for temperature-sensitive items. It also makes the process of collecting or dropping off your belongings significantly easier during scorching summer days and frigid winter mornings. You can find climate controlled storage at many of our StorageMart locations in Lexington and around the country, including:

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Lexington, KY?

Climate controlled storage units are a great choice for anything you need to store. However, the primary use for climate controlled storage units is to store items that can be damaged by extremes of heat and cold. Some examples are wooden furniture that can warp and crack, especially in extreme cold, electronics that have sensitive components that can malfunction, and delicate fabrics that can tear or discolor. Treat your belongings right with a climate controlled unit from StorageMart.
While climate controlled storage is a great way to protect many of your temperature-sensitive possessions, it is not sufficient for storing food or perishable business inventory. We do not allow perishable items to be stored in our units. When you want to protect your belongings from the worst temperatures Lexington can throw at them, choose climate controlled storage with StorageMart.

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in Lexington, KY

For items that need an extra layer of protection against heat and cold, rent climate controlled storage from StorageMart in Lexington, KY. We offer clean and well-maintained storage spaces at affordable prices. We’re also committed to providing a convenient storage experience every step of the way, with top-notch customer service, climate controlled units in a variety of sizes, and convenient month-to-month leases that let you rent the perfect unit for your needs precisely as long as you need to.
Find climate controlled storage to meet your needs in Lexington today when you look to StorageMart. When you’re ready to take control of your space, rent online or visit one of our Lexington storage facilities.


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