Car Storage in Lincoln, NE

From the auto enthusiast with a sweet ride to the vintage collector, Lincoln is home to plenty of gearheads and car nuts. If your car, truck, or trailer is taking up too much space in your garage or driveway, StorageMart can help with affordable, premium storage options. Find vehicle storage and more at a StorageMart near you!

Where To Find Car Storage in Lincoln, NE

Having an extra car can have a lot of benefits. The problem is that storing them isn’t always easy or convenient. StorageMart can help with our Lincoln car storage options. When you store your extra vehicle with us, you will have easy access to retrieve it when you need it, but you’ll still be able to free up the space in your garage or driveway. Get the best of owning an extra car without the waste of space when you choose StorageMart. We offer car storage at multiple locations in and around Lincoln, including:

Lincoln Car Storage Tips

There are several steps you should take to prevent damage when you choose to store your car long term. If you’re storing your car outside, getting a weatherproof cover is a must. Get an oil change to preserve your engine if you’re storing for more than 30 days. In general, cleaning your vehicle is a good way to prevent long-term damage to paint and upholstery in your vehicles. Finally, you should take your car out to run the engine and get it moving every few weeks or so for the best results.

Small Vehicle Storage in Lincoln, NE

Storing small vehicles, such as motorcycles or ATVs, is a process very similar to cars. The main benefit, however, is that you can store them inside our standard storage units. This will keep them out of the elements, as well as provide a great way to free up space in your garage. When you need room to store your dirt bike, SXS, jet ski, or snowmobile, choose StorageMart in Lincoln.

Car Storage for Rent in Lincoln, NE

Whether you’re looking for storage units or a place to keep your extra car, StorageMart of Lincoln has the space and storage options you need. With standard and premium storage options available at reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong with StorageMart. Find a Lincoln storage facility near you to get started on your rental experience today!


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