Manhattan Mini Storage 2024 Billboards #VoteManhattanMiniStorage

Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Store Old Things Here Not The White House

Where Satire Meets Storage: A Playful Twist on Political Humor Amidst the 2024 Election Year

Every born and raised New Yorker knows it wouldn’t be an election year without some new Manhattan Mini Storage billboards – and 2024 is no different. Beyond the humor that has become a local favorite over the decades, Manhattan Mini Storage isn't just a trusted storage brand – we're a brand that can get you talking.

From tongue-in-cheek remarks to eyebrow-raising statements, each billboard is carefully crafted to make you do a double-take. Take a closer look at our full lineup of billboards that can be found across New York City:
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - When We Say Locked Up We Mean It
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - The Place Where Climate is Under Control
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Dont Say Gay, Just Dont Say Anything

A Message Behind the Boards: Storing with a Statement

Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Storing Banned Books. Who Still Does That?
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Unlike politicians, we have actual solutions
These billboards, which can be seen throughout Manhattan, take playful jabs at the current political climate and upcoming election with a central message “Vote for Manhattan Mini Storage.”

While you won’t see Manhattan Mini Storage on the November ballot, we’re taking civic engagement a step further by partnering with local voter registration groups. Throughout the election season, we are hosting voter registration drives, making it easier for New Yorkers to get involved in the democratic process.

“It’s our way of ensuring that while we offer space for your belongings, we also help create space for your voice in our democracy,” said Sarah Little, senior vice president of marketing. "With our new billboards, we’re not just cutting through clutter; we’re sparking conversations and laughs in equal measure. It’s not just about storage; it’s about storing with a statement."
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - We Dont Debate But WE Do Declutter
Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Where your stuff stays as long as you want #termlimits

Manhattan Mini Storage: Providing Storage Solutions since 1978

Beyond the sarcastic wit, Manhattan Mini Storage remains committed to our excellent customer service and affordable storage options, a testament to our genuine affection for NYC and our vibrant community.

We encourage the public to share their thoughts on social media using the hashtag #VoteManhattanMiniStorage, so we can all embrace laughter, engage in commentary, and discover how at Manhattan Mini Storage we’re continuing to redefine the conversation around storage solutions.

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Manhattan Mini Storage Billboards - Cancel Student Debt