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Moving Supplies and Packing Supplies

Moving supplies, boxes, locks and tape are available at a StorageMart store near you.

Bubble Wrap Medium-Duty

Bubble Wrap Medium-DutyMedium-duty bubble wrap is suitable for items that are lightweight or not fragile. Wrapping items to provide a barrier against scratches or dents and filling in empty space to prevent shifting are ideal ways to use medium grade bubble wrap.

Sizes Available : Small and Large

Bubble Wrap Heavy-Duty

bubblewrapheavydutylargeHeavy-duty bubble wrap is stronger than lightweight bubble wrap and is best for heavy items or valuables that are extremely fragile. You may also find heavy-duty bubble wrap useful for holding items in place during your move and while in storage.

Sizes Available : Small and Large

Mattress Covers

mattresscoverPreserve the life of your mattresses by using a mattress cover for moving or storage. Mattress covers come in all sizes and keeps your bed from settling dust.

Sizes Available: Twin, Full, Queen, King


Sofa Covers

sofacoverSofa covers provide a barrier for the cushions and surfaces of your couch from dust. Cover your furniture during storage or a move to preserve the life of your items.

Moving Blankets

movingblanketsMoving blankets cover furniture, glass, and fragile items during a move, transit or storage. Covering an armoire, mirror or antique with a moving blanket is one of the best way to ensure your items are not damaged.

Glass Guard Kit

glassguardprotectionkitGlass Guard Kits are a convenient packing and storage solution for your dishware.

Clear Stretch Wrap w/ dispenser

clearstretchwrapStretch wrap is one of the most versatile moving supplies. You can use it to keep dresser drawers shut, wrap items together, prevent valuables from shifting, and provide a barrier for items against scratches and much more. Stretch wrap is a must-have moving supply.

Packing Paper

packingpaperPacking paper wraps your fragile items and fills empty space in boxes so items do not shift.

Sturdy Cardboard Moving Boxes

Storage Boxes

boxesstackedSturdy storage boxes range from small, medium, large and extra large sizes and offer endless opportunities for storing your belongings. Heavy-duty cardboard storage boxes provide the durability to withstand a move and the strength to hold your items. Unlike secondhand boxes, the strong cardboard in StorageMart boxes allow you to stack them in your storage unit - saving space - without the fear of boxes collapsing on each other.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Dish Pack Box

dishpack Pack your china and dishes without the worry of chipping or breaking one. The dish pack box is specially designed for each dish.

Electronics Box

electronicsWrapping electronics and packing them in this specialty box will eliminate the risk of damage or loss while in storage or during your move.

Lamp Box

lampYour lamp deserves a place to stay while moving or in storage. Lamp storage boxes are the perfect size to keep floor lamps enclosed.

Legal Tote

legaltoteThe perfect box to store files and important papers. Convenient to store and easy to move, this size box makes record keeping a breeze.

Picture/Mirror Box

picturemirrorFamily photos, mirrors and artwork need special care when moving. Avoid punctures or broken glass by storing these items in this specialty box.

Short Wardrobe Box

shortwardrobeA short wardrobe box is perfect for moving or storing clothes while still on the hanger! This makes moving your entire closet a cinch. Short wardrobe boxes are perfect for hanging shirts, skirts or jackets.

Wardrobe Box

wardrobeClothing storage has never been easier! Tall wardrobe boxes are great for storing dresses, slacks and suits all on the hanger so there is no wrinkling or damage. These boxes are the perfect solution to storing seasonal clothing. These boxes are great to pack pillows, blankets, and even plants.

TV/Microwave Box

tvmicrowaveboxPlacing your TV or microwave in this clearly marked box will ensure it stays upright during your move.

Locks for Self Storage

Brass Lock 1 3/4 in

brasslockThese locks resists humidity and corrosion. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor storage units.

Laminated Lock 3/4 in

laminatedlockMade from the same laminated steel as bank vaults and battleships, laminated locks are rugged locks that you can trust will last.

Disc Padlock

discpadlockStainless steel disc locks are the first choice of storage tenants. These are our strongest lock and resist corrosion.

Packing Tape

Pistol Grip w/ Tape

pistolgripThe pistol grip tape dispenser makes taping easy and simple, every time. This is a must-have item for any move.

3 Pack Tape

3packtapeA combo-pack of packing tape is the best economical value and great for refilling your tape dispenser.

Crystal Clear Tape w/ Dispenser

crystalcleartapeThe packing tape with dispenser makes it easy to tape up your items without the hassle of losing the end on the roll or fighting with the tape folding on itself. Standard packing tape is suitable for small and medium boxes that will be kept in storage or during a move.

2in x 800in Clear Tape w/ Dispenser

cleartapePackaging tape for the small box or mailing needs.

2in x 60yd Heavy Clear Tape

heavycleartapeHeavy-duty packing tape is best for securing large or heavy boxes and during a move.