Benefits of Storing with StorageMart: Drive Up Units

StorageMart Offers Drive Up Storage

Moving in general can be a hassle. Packing up belongings into transportable boxes and getting everything from point A to point B is always more difficult than expected. If you’re moving items into a storage unit, it’s convenient to have drive up access so that you can simply pull up to the unit and load your belongings in.

No Stairs or Elevator Means Easy Access to Storage

One benefit of having drive up access is the lack of a need for stairs. Unlike interior units on multiple levels, having drive up access means you don’t have to transport your belongings up and down stairs to move in, load out, or access your unit. This also means you do not have to use an elevator.

Drive up access means that move in and load out will be simple and efficient, and accessing your items while they are in storage will be a breeze. If you’re ready to rent a storage unit, check out this storage sizing guide to estimate the perfect size unit for your needs.