Benefits of Storing with StorageMart: Loading Bays

What is a Loading Bay?

A loading bay is a convenient amenity for loading and unloading your belongings while sheltered from the sun and weather. Often present at storage facilities with interior units, a loading bay is a large port that facilitates convenient move ins.

StorageMart Locations with Loading Bays

Not every StorageMart location has a loading bay, as they are unnecessary at facilities that have all drive up units; however, many of our facilities that feature interior units have a loading bay for your convenience. When you are leasing your unit, the store manager will inform you of the loading bay. Be sure to double check the dimensions, as a very large truck may not fit through the door.

Be a Storage Organizer

Another way to save the most time when loading in is to think about how you are storing your items. If you have to make more than one trip, try to pack items into your vehicle in the reverse order that you want to access them; for example, if you are bringing two truck loads, put the least accessed items in the first load. When you use the loading bay to load in, these items will be put into the back of your storage unit. The items you access the most should come in the last truckload to be stored near the front of the unit. This makes accessing your items easier for future visits.

Loading bays are a convenient way to load and unload your belongings at StorageMart locations with interior units. They keep you out of the sun and weather while you move your items into your unit. Are you ready to rent storage online? Check out this storage sizing guide if you’re unsure what unit size to rent. You can also speak to a store manager if you need frequent access and would like to find a unit close to the loading bay, making each visit easier.