How to Store Christmas Ornaments Properly

Decorating the Christmas tree is a like a walk down memory lane. You carefully unpack the vintage glass ornaments passed down by Grandma. Then there’s the sparkly gold star you bought the first year you were married. Other ornaments serve as memories of family vacations. And who can forget the macaroni wreath made by your child in the third grade?

The point is that all of your ornaments are precious for one reason or another—and that means they should be taken good care of.

How to Store Glass Ornaments and Other Breakables

Have you been using the same cardboard boxes to store ornaments for year? Even worse, are you using the same old scraps of newspaper to wrap the ornaments?

It may be time to invest in a proper storage container designed specifically for ornaments. These Archival Ornament Storage Boxes are made from acid-free, lignin-free, buffered material. Each box holds 28 ornaments and, at 3 inches high, it should slide easily underneath your bed.

With just a bit of effort (and an office file box and some cardboard), you can make your own storage container like this one from Midwood Design Studio.

Another option is to use a large cardboard box (don’t use plastic, which traps moisture) and place smaller boxes or bags inside it. Ornaments that aren’t fragile can be stored in plastic bags. Breakable ornaments can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and then put in boxes that will go in your storage container. Even egg cartons can work for smaller ornaments.

If you have a large collection, store similar ornaments together in the same container and make sure to label, label, label. Your future self will thank you for the effort.

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas and StorageMart

From the twinkling lights to a beautifully decorate tree, Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year. But it’s easy to turn into a Grinch when it’s time to pack everything up and you find yourself running out of space.

Happily, there is an easy solution. At StorageMart, you can rent a storage unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. We offer affordable self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are always clean and well lit. Climate-controlled units are also available—and are a good idea for delicate vintage ornaments. Need more info? Visit our website and see how easy it is to rent quality self storage online.