Dealing With The Unexpected

What if you pulled into your driveway only to find that your entire house was missing? Nothing left standing but the foundation on which your home use to stand. This is exactly what happened to a Fort Worth, Texas couple after returning from an out-of-town trip. The couple drove over to check on the husband’s family’s home, which the couple was planning to move into eventually, only to find a bug surprise. As they pulled into the driveway they were quoted by  the Dallas Observer blog Unfair Park as saying, “We rounded the corner and my wife Valerie says, “The house is gone David.” I’m looking at the yard, so I looked and I’m like, ‘Wow, OK.’”

The incident is currently under investigation on how the wrong home was demolished, but the fact remains that the home in which David and Valerie Underwood were planning to build their future is completely gone.

Many people face changes in their lives where the future they were working towards seems to change in one instant. A job change happens, a family home is lost in foreclosure, or a move is required that changes the plans that were anticipated. All of these situations and circumstances require a new plan of action. Here are some ways that self storage can help you when you find yourself starting over:

•    The Underwood’s home was destroyed in a terrible mix-up but many people face the loss of home due to natural disasters. A fire, flood, tornado, or other acts by Mother Nature can leave a person’s home completely destroyed. The Underwood’s unfortunately had nothing left to salvage, but there may be items that are salvageable in the event of a disaster. Self storage can be a starting over point for many people who face the devastating loss of their home.
•    No job comes with a lifetime guarantee. The change in job, whether sudden or by one’s own choice, can have a huge impact on a person’s living situation. When the economy turns bad some people are forced to relocate for a better job opportunity. Others need to downsize their rent and are often left with less space than they are use to. It can be a challenge finding a way to downsize possessions to fit into a smaller living space.  Having a smaller residence may be what you are facing right now, but it may not always be the case. To save your possessions and furniture that do not fit into your new residence, find a self storage unit nearby to hold your extra stuff.
•    Having the home that you plan to build your future on may not always work out. For the Underwood’s, their dreams were demolished in a strange and horrible mix up. For some a move to a new city can take their dream home out of reach. For others the size of their family may cause their dreams to change. Having a self storage unit for transitions and life’s unexpected accidents can make life run smoother. Storage can be useful when packing to keep boxes out of the way, or useful when the leases from your old home and your new home don’t quite match up.

While coming home to a completely demolished home seems like a one in a million circumstance, as you can see self storage can be useful when life throws you curveballs.