Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Anyone who’s cooked Thanksgiving dinner knows that it can be hard to pull off. You have to wake up early to get your turkey in the oven. Then there’s the stuffing, a slew of side dishes, and dessert to keep you busy.

The good news is that your centerpiece can be made in less than 10 minutes—and still be incredibly charming.

Easy Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

All you’ll need to make this memorable centerpiece is a pumpkin and your favorite fall flowers. Simply cut the top off, carve the pumpkin out, and place a plastic container in the pumpkin to hold water.

Combine roses and dried leaves for a spectacular autumn arrangement. Or, stick with just one flower such as sunflowers or mums. Another beautiful and trending idea is succulents. Plus, they are low maintenance additions to a floral arrangement that lasts.

If you like, you can get creative and include the top of the pumpkin in your or you can keep it simple and discard the pumpkin top.

Another option is to choose a white pumpkin, which looks particularly stunning with hydrangeas.

Other Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

You don’t have to limit yourself to flowers. Tie fragrant bay leaves around votive candles or make this coffee beans and candles centerpiece.

This lovely tree of thanks is made using a tree branch and spray paint. The best part about it are the paper ornaments where your guests can share what they’re thankful for.

And don’t forget about the kids table. These adorable turkey centerpieces are not only adorable; they’re also edible.

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