Free Moving Truck Rental With Lombard Self Storage Rental

Moving will never be easy, but planning ahead can help make it easier.  Unless you’ve recruited a small fleet of pickup trucks, one thing you’ll need to arrange for is a moving truck.  Well, if you rent storage space from our Lombard self storage facility we can help you take care of that item on the To-Do Checklist.

Rent a new storage unit from our store at 100 W. North Avenue in Lombard, IL and we’ll let you make use of our 14-foot moving truck.  Here’s the best part…we’ll even waive the rental fee and mileage charges.

You can use the truck for up to six hours and you’ll only be responsible for the $16.99 damage waiver fee and replacing the gas you use.  You won’t find a better deal anywhere else for moving truck rental in Lombard.

To recap, if you rent storage space at our Lombard self storage property, you’ll get:

  • Six hours use of our 14-foot moving truck
  • You pay the $16.99 damage waiver fee
  • You replace the gas you use
  • You do NOT pay a truck rental fee
  • You do NOT pay for mileage


When loading your truck, keep the unloading process in mind.  Larger, heavier items you plan on putting in the back of your storage unit will need to go in first.  That means they need to go into the moving truck in spots where you can more easily take them off first.  Be careful about how you distribute weight in the back of the truck.  Heavier items should be placed along the walls of the truck.

Lock down anything with wheels so it’s not moving around the truck bed while in transit.  Avoid stacking boxes so high they’re likely to fall over in the event of slight shifting.

Mattress and furniture bags and plastic stretch wrap will help keep your bed, couch, etc. clean during the moving process.  You can purchase these bags, moving pads, sturdy cardboard boxes and packing material at the StorageMart office.  Using boxes designed for packing is key to a successful move.  These boxes aren’t just sturdier, but they’re of a uniform size and designed for squaring off in a room, storage unit or moving truck.  This will make your load more stable.

Label all your boxes clearly so you can organize your storage unit properly and find anything you need without opening every single box.

Defrost, clean out and thoroughly dry any refrigerator or freezer at least 24 hours prior to moving.  Once you’ve moved these items into your storage unit, prop the doors slightly ajar.  Allowing for constant air flow will help prevent mildew.

If furniture can easily be taken apart and put back together, you should definitely disassemble it for moving.  This will make your furniture easier to carry and fit into the moving truck or your storage unit.

Pillows, cushions and rolled up rugs make for excellent “filler” items.  You want your load to shift as little as possible, so filling in as much empty space as possible is crucial.  On that note, you’ll also want to have a supply of bungee cords, rope or straps to help hold items as you load your moving truck.

If you’ve packed your truck well, it might look a bit like a big version of Tetris.  Let StorageMart help you win the moving and packing game with our clean, affordable storage units, full line of packing/moving supplies and, at our Lombard location, free use of a moving truck.