Halloween 2017: Be the Best House on the Block!

Turn Your House into Spook Central with these Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2017!

Are you sick and tired of half-hearted Halloween decorations? If so, good! We’re going to help you do something about it with our favorite Halloween decoration and candy ideas for 2017. In this post you’ll get our top picks for:

  • The best outdoor Halloween decorations
  • The best indoor Halloween decorations
  • The best Halloween music for every mood
  • The best Halloween candy for the most discerning neighborhood kids

What are you waiting for? Shake the cobwebs off your scrolling finger, and let’s get started!

3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations to Spookify Your House

  1. Inflatables. Do you really need a three-foot, inflatable ghost wearing a witch hat? What about a four-foot, menacing animatronic vampire bat that you can hang from your front porch? Of course not… unless you actually want a chance at winning Halloween this year.
  2. Fog Machine. Flood your front yard with a ridiculous amount of fog that makes it hard to see where the sidewalk ends, and the nightmares begin.
  3. Lights. It’s a rookie mistake to invest in cool outdoor Halloween decorations without a sweet lighting rig to bring everything to life. Besides, how will everyone see your spooky new decorations without sick lighting?

3 Indoor Halloween Decorations to Demonize Your Decor

  1. Mantel Decorations. Your mantel isn’t just for displaying your Pilgrim-hat-wearing turkey or your holiday greeting cards. It’s also for bringing a little bit of fright to your family room.
  2. Light-Up Vacuum Animatronic. Your pets are already terrified of your vacuum cleaner. Why not give them something to REALLY be afraid of with a life-size, sound-activated sweeper?
  3. Posable Human Skeleton. Think about how much more exciting it will be to stumble downstairs at three in the morning for a drink of water, only to scare yourself half to death with the human skeleton you forgot you placed in the corner. You’re welcome.

3 Halloween Playlists: From Frightful to Delightful

  1. Halloween Original Soundtrack by John Carpenter. Considered by many to be the magnum opus of Halloween soundtracks, let this collection of terrifying tracks slowly drive you crazy in the days leading up to All Hollow’s Eve 2017.
  2. Ghostbusters Soundtrack. Prefer to keep your sanity intact, but still want a little bit of spooky fun? The Ghostbusters soundtrack is the perfect middle ground. You ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but you ARE afraid of a knife-wielding Michael Myers.
  3. Halloween Classics. From the Monster Mash to the Flying Purple People Eater, these novelty Halloween songs are guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your fingers snapping.

Halloween Candy: Ghoulish Goodies for the Neighborhood Kids

Sure, you could get your Halloween candy at the grocery story like the rest of the normals in your neighborhood. Or, you could take your goodies to the next level with severed fingers , gumball eyeballs or even those vomit-flavored Harry Potter jelly beans. Whatever you do, skip the candy corn.

Don’t Let Your Halloween Decorations Haunt Your House

If you use some of these ideas, the only thing scarier than your house on Halloween is going to be your house after Halloween. Now, you could box up all your new Halloween decorations and stuff them in the basement or garage, but we have a better idea. Instead, why not round up ALL your holiday decorations and take them to a self storage facility near you? You’ll free up space for the stuff you use more than once a year and you won’t have to search the house for your inflatable ghost next Halloween. Plus, when you drop off your goblins and ghouls you can pick up your Christmas decorations from your storage unit!