Mattress Bob Shows Benefits of Storage for Business Owners

The list of reasons for why someone might need or want to rent a storage unit is endless.  One reason many may not consider, however, is a business owner renting a storage unit to help with the bottom line.  Bob Manoff isn’t among those who need convincing storage for business owners is a great idea.

For the past seven years Mr. Manoff has sold mattresses from the 11 storage units he rents in the Mira Mesa community of San Diego.  At first he wasn’t sure his business would last more than a few weeks, but now he is so successful he is simply known as Mattress Bob.

Mattress Bob receives twice weekly shipments of pillow tops, memory foam and organic cotton mattresses, which he then normally sells for anywhere from $100-700.

Manoff is in full compliance with the state of California’s Bureau of Home Furnishings (which regulates mattress sales).  So while his “store” may be a bit less conventional, customers have learned they can trust Mattress Bob for all their mattress needs.

This type of creativity is a perfect example of how renting self storage can help businesses, particularly small businesses like Bob Manoff’s, not just survive but thrive in a world often dominated by big box stores.  Renting self storage for surplus inventory, furnishings or equipment can reduce the amount of expensive retail/office space needed while not affecting a business owner’s ability to always have on hand those items customers want and need.  It will also free up more valuable space on the sales floor for enhanced merchandising.  Having a reliable spot for surplus inventory can also increase a business owner’s purchasing power, allowing for inventory to be purchased at a lower price point by either buying offseason or in greater quantities.

Bob Manoff may not have known what to expect seven years ago when he first began using self storage to facilitate his business, but now that he’s Mattress Bob he’s a prime example of how renting self storage doesn’t just have to save you money, it can also be a great way to help you make money.