Storage Units In My Area Are Quick And Easy To Rent Online

“Even my parents were able to rent online quickly and my Dad is no Bill Gates, if you know what I mean,” said Claire M. after her parents rented a storage unit. “StorageMart had multiple locations to choose from. I spent more time deciding which location was best than my Dad did renting storage units in my area!”

It takes less than three minutes to rent a storage unit online – three minutes! That’s enough time to cook an egg, step into the boxing ring for a round, or brush your teeth! But if you need a little help along the way, you can always call our toll-free number and one of the dedicated phone representatives will make sure your self storage stay is a great one.

“If you’ve ordered from eBay or Amazon, you’re ready to rent storage online,” said Jessica G., another StorageMart customer.

Over The Phone, In Person, Or Online

Some people prefer to do business in person and others over the phone. StorageMart can provide you with storage space either way as well as online, which you can do anytime you wish, even when stores are closed! After you rent online, drop by your storage unit to sign the paperwork and meet your manager. Many people say that’s the best part of their StorageMart experience. Here’s a sampling:

“Danny was very helpful and listened to my needs. He was able to lock in an excellent rate at the right time when I really needed the storage unit.” ~Barbara B.

“Jasmin (the manager) is such a pleasure to deal with, she has a very warm and welcoming attitude, combined with knowledge of products and a well rounded understanding of what makes customers’ experiences enjoyable. Well done, Jasmin!” ~Nicole F.

“The management treatment was excellent and they constantly gave me a good rate because of my retirement situation. I was very happy with StorageMart. Thank you Daryl, Stephanie and Maris. You are all lovely people!” ~Jeannette H.

“I love my StorageMart in West New York, NY. Their customer service is amazing and they have the best manager, Nelson. I have worked in retail off and on for over 10+ years and he is easily one of the best, if not the best manager I have dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and very easy going.” ~Linda J.

One thing each customer can say is – “Storage units in my area are easy to rent” – as long as it’s at StorageMart!