StorageMart Reviews Get Personal!

In 1908, a French retailer named César Ritz replaced “caveat emptor” with “Le client n’a jamais tort,” which was the source of one of American’s best known business adages – “The customer is always right.” American retail giants like John Wannamaker and Marshall Fields based the foundation of their customer service on those five words alone.

Now everyone knows that no one, including customers, is always right. There’s no need for a government study to confirm that fact. But in 1900, society embraced “caveat emptor,” or “let the buyer beware.” It was up to the customer to make sure that the deal was fair. The Better Business Bureau would not be founded until 1912, and complaints often fell on deaf ears – no Twitter to vent your outrage for another century.

This new way of thinking about customers was more than just a fair deal. Wannamaker introduced innovations in his Philadelphia retail store like electric lighting as well as elevators to make shopping easier. In order to keep prices low, he started major event sales, like the nation’s first “White Sale.” Wannamaker appreciated his customers and did what he could to keep them happy.

Pleasing customers is the standard in the 21st century, and StorageMart reviews share happy stories from our customers. We use three, small words to make happy customers;

1. Easy

Checking your things into self storage should be as easy as checking into a hotel – and at StorageMart, it’s that easy! It takes less than three minutes to rent a storage unit online and our store managers will answer all of your questions. They’ll help you decide how much space you need and explain how your things would benefit from storage in a climate-controlled unit. They can provide packing materials as well. We’ve been providing excellent customer service to customers since 1999.

2. Clean

From the moment you walk onto a StorageMart location, you’ll see we take “clean” seriously. The parking lot, landscaping, and exterior grounds are kept clean because that’s what you’ll see when you walk into your storage unit. Our office is clean and orderly, as our are hallways, bathrooms, and elevators. We take our responsibility for storing your belongings seriously!

3. Service

We promise to provide an excellent self storage experience to every customer and back that up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll give you a Free Month of storage. We’re not surprised that our Google reviews praise store managers by name. Here are some examples from some StorageMart reviews.

“Nina Page was so helpful! Service was wonderful. Nina treated me like family.” ~Crystal M.

“Tyler D. is incredibly helpful and always courteous and professional. It’s comforting to know that my personal belongings are in this company’s best interest.” ~Jennifer S.

“We all know and are accustomed to mediocre customer service, but here is an employee who seems to really like his job. If Herman Brown helps you, expect the best service ever!” ~Shannon D.

“Working with Colleen and Jennifer is great – they are very helpful and explain everything in detail.” ~Kim A.

“I made a new best friend.” ~James. H.

Our customers say it best for us!