What is Hoarding—and Why Do People Do It?

Simply put, hoarding is the persistent difficulty getting rid of possessions, regardless of their actual value. It occurs in an estimated 2 to 6 percent of the population and is more common among older adults.

Hoarding can be a problem in many ways. It can create an unsafe living environment, cause social isolation, and lead to financial troubles.

Hoarding is a diagnosis in and of itself, but it’s also more commonly seen among people suffering from other disorders such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Different Types of Hoarding

Experts have identified a few common types of hoarding, including the following:

• Shopping hoarders. For many people, shopping offers a quick high. The problem is that piles of used items (and bills) can launch a vicious cycle. Before long, the only “positive” emotions in a person’s life stem from shopping and social isolation sets in. The ease of online shopping and eBay often exacerbate the problem.
• Collectors. There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a collection. But collecting crosses over into hoarding when a person can no longer control his or her possessions and they begin to interfere with everyday life. For example, boxes piled up in front of doors or in the kitchen.
• Food hoarders. Children who grow up facing poverty or hunger can struggle with food hoarding later in life, even when food and money are plentiful.
• Information hoarders. What starts out as a quest for knowledge sometimes turns into endless stacks of books, magazines, newspapers, and journals.
• Syllogomania (trash hoarding). Objects have no apparent value at all, yet the resident cannot part with them.
• Animal hoarding. This often starts out as a desire to “save” animals, but can quickly morph into animal neglect when there are simply too many pets to care for.

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