Heated Storage in Airdrie, AB

Whether you’re moving, decluttering your home, or looking at ways to expand your business, at StorageMart, we have the space to help you make it happen. Storage in Airdrie, AB, is what we do best, and you’ll find the right fit with ease. Get convenient features and amenities like heated storage, drive-up storage, and 24/7 video surveillance. Rent storage in Airdrie today at StorageMart!

Where To Find Heated Storage in Airdrie, AB

Home to over 60,000 beloved residents, Airdrie, AB, is a delightful place for families new and old. Not only are you within a reasonable distance from downtown Calgary, but you also have more than enough to enjoy right in town. What more could you ask for in a place to call home? The best part of it all is that once you’re here, you can stay without worrying about outgrowing your home or business too quickly.
If you ever feel like your workspace is about to burst at the seams, StorageMart is here to help. Our Airdrie storage facilities have an abundance of space available to rent, whether you’re looking for a small, medium, or large storage unit near you. Our units come in a variety of different sizes and have many great features to go with them, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect fit.
One of our most popular features is heated storage in Airdrie, AB. Heated storage units are typically located indoors, removing direct exposure to the exterior weather conditions that influence the temperature within the unit. Instead, the interior space of these storage units is warmed to maintain a stable range of temperatures, providing more optimal conditions for your belongings in storage.
Find heated storage units in Airdrie, AB, on Kingsview Boulevard Southeast.

What Can I Store in a Heated Storage Unit in Airdrie, AB?

Especially in the cold climate of Airdrie, AB, freezing temperatures can pose some challenges when you’re storing your belongings. Items that aren’t built to be outdoors may not be suited for exposure to wintry weather. That’s where heated storage can be most effective.
There aren’t many items that can’t be stored in an Airdrie heated storage unit, and details regarding restricted items can be found on our FAQ page. However, most of your belongings can benefit from being stored in a heated self storage unit, particularly if an item is made of leather or wood or has delicate electronics in it. Materials that react poorly to the cold are best kept in heated storage in Airdrie, AB.

Heated Storage for Rent in Airdrie, AB

To get started with your heated Airdrie storage unit, you can browse all available units online through our website. From there, the storage unit of your choice can be rented or reserved with just the click of a button.