Car Storage in Minneapolis, MN

Do you have an extra set of wheels but nowhere to park them? Allow StorageMart to be of assistance. We offer options for affordable car storage in Minneapolis and St. Paul at many of our facilities across the metropolitan area. Our parking spaces come in a variety of helpful sizes, and we have paved and unpaved spots available. Find the additional parking space you need with StorageMart.

Where To Find Car Storage in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis and St. Paul together form the Twin Cities, one of the country’s top metropolitan communities. It’s easy to love life here, as residents have access to all the amenities of urban living while maintaining a sense of Midwestern sensibility. You’ll never have trouble finding things to do in Minneapolis, whether that’s exploring the area’s many outdoor parks and destinations or riding the roller coasters at the Mall of America.
While it opens the door to many possibilities, the urban sprawl of the Twin Cities means you almost have to drive. While finding space to park your personal vehicle can be easy, it gets complicated when you have extra work vehicles, travel overseas, or otherwise need a long-term parking place you don’t have. StorageMart can help in these situations with convenient options for car storage in Minneapolis. We have a variety of spaces available at our facilities located across town that can accommodate sedans, trucks, and more.
Find Minneapolis car storage at these StorageMart facilities:

Minneapolis Car Storage Tips

Storing your car, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as putting your vehicle in park and locking the doors. If you intend on renting long-term car storage and don’t plan on taking your vehicle out regularly, there are some things you can do ahead of time to set yourself up for a positive experience. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your car, and take care of any needed maintenance or repairs. Once you’re at our facility, disconnect your car’s battery and seal off any exhaust ports, then finish by wrapping it up with a durable cover.

Small Vehicle Storage in Minneapolis, MN

Renting vehicle storage can help even when you don’t need a place for a full-sized car. You may be able to find room to store more compact vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers, and trailers at home, but that’s valuable space you could be using for other uses. Renting small vehicle storage in Minneapolis from StorageMart gives you more room and a secure spot to keep your ride until you need it next.

Car Storage for Rent in Minneapolis, MN

Invest in the extra parking space you need for your vehicles with the help of StorageMart. We offer a wide selection of affordable and convenient car storage units in Minneapolis. Whether you’re looking for a place to park while traveling abroad or somewhere to keep an extra vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQ and storage tips pages for additional information. Locate the StorageMart facility closest to you to get started today!