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5 Things All Organized People Have in Their Home

How to Get Your Home Organized for Good

You don’t have to be a professional organizer to have a neat home. According to home organizers, all you need to do is assign a spot to every item you own and always store the belonging there. This is called the neat method. The real challenge for every house organizer is just finding convenient places to put items. For example, if your storage spot for scissors is a kitchen drawer far away from the desk where you use the scissors, they are likely to sit out and cause clutter. A better solution may be installing a pegboard or putting a small jar on your desk to hold the scissors. Once you get your storage spots all planned out, all you need to do is make a habit of putting everything back once you use it.

What Do I Need to Stay Organized?

Here are some of the storage essentials that help with home organization even in tight spaces:

  1. Small containers and trays to store tabletop items
  2. Adequate shelving or other wall storage
  3. Open baskets for toys, bedding, and clothes
  4. Closed storage cabinets, bins, and ottomans
  5. Pegboards and bulletin boards for tight spaces

By creating spots to store every item you own conveniently, you can avoid clutter. Remember it’s only possible to be organized when you have enough space, so it can also be helpful to get a storage unit if you need a little extra room. You don’t have to invest in home organization services if you learn how to be your own personal organizer.