Administrative Gift Ideas to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

The boss is the top dog 364 days a year. We answer his emails first. We bring her coffee. We hold calls, type letters, file folders, and get projects done on time.

Not on April 24.

That’s the day reserved to honor the administrative professionals who work hard to make sure the office hums. They keep everything running smoothly—and they do it without getting any special credit or acknowledgement.

On April 24, we turn the tables and take a moment to thank these under-the-radar employees. Just saying thanks is nice, a card is better, and an actual gift will make their day.

Here are a few ideas to make sure the day is as exceptional as they are.

12 Tips for Gifts for Administrators

• No matter what gift you decide on, this step is critical: Write a hand-written note thanking your assistant. This is one task that should not be delegated.

• Arrange for a gift that also involves a few hours off of work. Examples include a spa gift certificate for a massage or facial or an afternoon off to do a bit of shopping, with some spending money thrown in.

• Consider a gift that makes life easier, such as a gift certificate for a cleaning service or to have a car cleaned and detailed.

• If your assistant has a family, think of a gift they could enjoy together, such as movie tickets, with a gift card thrown in for snacks; or maybe passes to a local waterpark.

• Flowers are always appreciated, but what about a plant that lives well beyond April 24? A Meyer lemon tree has beautiful glossy leaves and, as long as it gets enough sun, will bear fruit. At this time of year, you could also try a plant like a hydrangea or lily that can be planted outside once the danger of frost passes.

• You work side-by-side with your assistant all year, so you probably know if he or she has a sweet tooth. If so, there are countless places where you can order delicious cookies, chocolate-covered berries, and amazing brownies. Or, keep it simple and stop by your local cupcake shop to pick up a dozen treats. Just make sure your assistant knows this gift should be taken home, not shared with the entire office.

• Does your assistant have a sense of humor? Check out this desktop punching ball, which comes with a glove. You’ll think twice the next time you ask your assistant to hold off on lunch in order to help you with something.

• A quality pen set will be appreciated by both men and women. Pair it with a bullet journal like this one from Amazon.

• It’s risky to pick out something as personal as a briefcase, messenger bag, portfolio, or handbag. But you’ll be relatively safe giving a gift card to a place like Coach or Samsonite. If you had a particularly good year (and we mean really, really good), you could always go for Louis Vuitton.

• This gift is a little bit more personal, so its appropriateness depends on your company culture, as well as, your relationship with your assistant. Under the right circumstances, a nice tie makes an appropriate gift for a male assistant, while a silk scarf works for a female.

• Has your assistant been talking about working out? Consider a gift card to a nearby yoga studio or for personal training at a gym.

• Pinterest has a slew of ideas for those who like to have fun, including a bag of Tootsie Rolls, with a card reading something like, “Thanks for the important roll you play.” Or a bottle of Mountain Dew, thanking your assistant for “all you dew!” Just make sure you pair a gift like this with something that costs more than $3.

Admin Gift Ideas and StorageMart

At StorageMart, we love to celebrate the people who dig in and get the work done. This April 24, that means administrative professionals. Thank you to all of the men and women who work so hard to keep our country running, including our wonderful administrative professionals at StorageMart.