Anatomy of a Storage Unit

What is Storage?

Self storage is a simple idea that can mean so much more to the person renting. Physically, a storage unit is just an empty box with a door. The door is either a vertical sliding door or a side hinge door, depending on the facility, and is secured using a disc lock. Some storage units can be climate controlled, with the interior heated during the winter and cooled during the summer, making it the perfect choice for temperature sensitive items. But can self storage be more than the make up of its physical parts?

Self Storage Holds Memories

We’ve all heard of someone who has a storage unit filled with the belongings of a great grandparent or relative. A storage unit becomes a window into the past when filled with trinkets and items that were so important to their owner. The sentimental value is not lost on the younger generation who opts to store the items rather than dispose of them. In this way, a storage unit becomes a memory place to look back on a life well-lived.

Self Storage Creates Space for the New

The decision to rent a self storage unit is often prompted by a catalyst of some kind; an event that triggers a need for more space. Newlyweds who are moving into a space together may find that there is not enough space to comfortably keep all of their belongings under the same roof. Opting for a storage unit allows them to keep their items while freeing up space in the home.

Another event that often triggers a need for storage is the inevitability of a newborn child. The need to create a nursery or room for the baby usually means that some furnishings need to find a new space. Renting a storage unit brings that extra space to help organize a baby room and still keep all of your belongings.

Sometimes the need for storage stems from a need for extra space at your home or office. Organizing your space involves making a judgement call on what to keep and what to throw out. Renting a storage unit allows you to keep important items that may not have an immediate need, but are still valuable or sentimental to you.

Whatever your reason for storage, StorageMart can help. A storage unit is more than just four walls and a door – it’s extra space to store more of you.