Benefits of Storing with StorageMart: Pest Control

Self Storage Pest Control

Storing your belongings in a storage unit comes with a host of perks, and shouldn’t come with a host of pests. StorageMart takes a proactive stance with pest control, and encourages customers to learn the methods to prevent pests from invading your storage unit.

StorageMart Locations Are Proactive

StorageMart takes pests very seriously. Part of the regular storage maintenance is to bring a professional Pest Control company in on a scheduled cycle to spray and look for signs of pests, from rodent to insect. Our staff also performs a twice-daily walkthrough of the property and are trained to look for signs of pests.

How You Can Help with Pest Control

The best way to deal with pests is to take a proactive approach, and solve the problem before it arises. While StorageMart is vigilant in preventing pests there are a few things you can do to make your unit less enticing to a host of tiny visitors.

  1. Vacuum Items Before Storing. One of the easiest ways to deter pests is to vacuum items that may contain crumbs or food particles that rodents or insects would find appealing. Since pests tend to move where there is food, vacuuming your items to remove temptation is a great way to prevent an invasion of tiny visitors.
  2. Check Items for Pests Before Storing. Another common reason that a unit becomes infested is that the pests were already present when storing your items. Insects, and sometimes rodents, are occasionally already embedded in furniture such as drawers, cabinets, or sofas, and become evident when they propagate and emerge searching for food. Check your items for signs of pests before storing your items in an enclosed storage unit.
  3. Report Pests Immediately. As you know, sometimes it doesn’t matter how many things you do to prevent pests, they still find a way. Once a situation has moved from proactive to reactive, it is vital to report a possible pest problem to your store manager immediately so that measures can be taken to counteract the infestation. Our store managers take a pest problem very seriously, so be sure to inform them of any suspicious signs immediately.

Pests can be a hassle, but taking a proactive stance can help greatly reduce the risk of a pest infestation in your storage unit. For other tips and tricks, check out our guide on How to Pack a Self Storage Unit.