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The Benefits of Self Storage for Offices

Your surroundings affect your mood.

That’s why consultants are brought in to help decide what color to paint the walls (try aqua). It’s also why everybody loves an office with a window and why people think of the feng shui of an office when placing their desk.

Finally, it’s also why an over-crowded office may be hurting employee morale and productivity more than you may think.

The good news? Self storage offers an easy and inexpensive solution—without any long-term contract of commitment.

Self Storage for Documents

Our world is relying more and more on electronic records, but there are definitely some documents (hello taxes!) for which you’ll want to retain actual records.

In fact, the Internal Revenue Service recommends keeping records for a minimum of three years. Even after three years, there is good reason to hold onto records. Your insurance company or creditors, for example, may require you to keep records longer.

Self Storage for Paper Files

Then there are all of the paper files generated by your business. If these are in boxes in your breakroom, in your coat closet, or—even worse—in your own office, then it’s time to reassess what you’re doing.

For about the same money that you spend on a business lunch, you could buy yourself the extra room you need to ensure that your office space is organized, efficient, and pleasant.

Self Storage for Inventory

The beauty of using a storage space to help you with inventory is that it’s there when you need it, but you can easily get rid of it when you don’t. Maybe you make pencils and there’s a big rush at the end of every summer, but the rest of the year quiets down. Whatever the needs of your particular business are, they can be filled by using self storage, without any long-term commitment.

Self Storage for Seasonal Items

After the holidays are over, where do you stash the office Christmas tree and any other decorations you might have? If you don’t have a good answer for that question, then consider how even just a small self storage unit could transform your office—and your work environment.

About StorageMart

Self storage can provide the additional space you need to transform your office into the organized and efficient workplace you want it to be. At StorageMart, we offer self storage units that are clean, well lit, climate-controlled (if you need it) and available on a month-to-month basis. Contact us to rent a unit online today.