6 Great Canadian Hiking Trails

If you take the second biggest country in the world and add in only 37 million people, the result is going to be an abundance of natural and unspoiled areas.

That’s good news for those who love to hike, as some of the best treks in the world can be found in Canada. Whether you like mountains, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, prairies, or rainforests, you’ll find it in up north—and then some.

Best Hiking Trails in Canada

From day hikes, to months-long adventures, Canada has a trail for you. Here is a half dozen of our favorites.

Appin Road on Prince Edward Island

Any reader of “Anne of Green Gables” is already smitten with the beauty of Prince Edward Island, but you can see it for yourself on this hike, which is especially lovely in the fall.

The West Coast Trail in Vancouver

This 75km trail follows the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island and takes you through rainforests, coves, and beaches. Plan on spending five to seven days and prepare for steep climbs. Bonus: You might just see a whale.

Sunshine Meadows Hike in Banff National Park

This family friendly 8.6 km trail starts at the base of Sunshine Ski Hill and takes you into the alpine of the Canadian Rockies.

The Acadian Trail in Nova Scotia

Located in Cape Bretton Highlands National Park, this 8.4 km trail takes you high above the Cheticamp River, affording sweeping views of the ocean and valley below. Be on the lookout for black bear and moose, which inhabit the lush forest along the shore.

Herring Cove Beach at Fundy National Park

There are many great hikes in Fundy National Park, but this short jaunt (only 1 kilometer) is interesting because it takes you through the woods and out to Herring Cove Beach, which boasts the highest tides in the world.

The Great Trail

We saved the best for last. About 25 years ago, the idea was hatched to connect all of Canada with the world’s longest trail. The Great Trail was completed in 2017, linking all 13 of the country’s provinces and territories. The finished product is 24,000 kilometers long, passing through both incredibly remote and urban places. Some 80 percent of Canadians live within 30 minutes of the trail—and can enjoy it for an afternoon hike or a multi-day journey.

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