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Travel Hacks to Save Money

A great adventure can really stretch your mind. Unfortunately, it can also stretch your budget.

The good news is that, for those willing to do a bit of legwork, there are definitely ways to save money.

10 Best Travel Hacks

  • Stay for free. By now, we all know about the deals to be found on Airbnb, but there is an even better opportunity out there. TrustedHousesitters connects you with people in need of someone to house sit (and take care of their pet). You’ll get to live like a local, while the people you’re sitting for have the peace-of-mind of knowing that their pet is being lovingly cared for.
  • Book your flight at the right time. As a general rule of thumb, about eight weeks before you wish to travel provides the best deals. Because most business travelers book in the morning, afternoons tend to be the best time of the day to find deals.
  • Look beyond sites like Travelocity. The best deals can often be found on lesser-known sites like Momondo and CheapOAir. You can also set up airfare alerts with Airfarewatchdog. Some travel experts recommend searching on a private browsing window, based on the theory that a website can track what prices you’ve been quoted in the past and, potentially, not offer you the best deal available.
  • Save money on your phone bill. If you’re travelling internationally, your phone can end up costing you a small fortune. Installing WhatsApp will allow you to text for free as long as you’re using wi-fi.
  • Stay at hostels. This may seem like an obvious move, but you can slash your costs even more at some hostels by offering to work for a few hours each day in exchange for free accommodations.
  • Figure out how to use public transportation. It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run, and maybe also some time. But don’t wait until your underground in a new city to try to find your way. Work ahead and download the transportation apps you’ll need before you leave home. Look into bike-sharing options, too.
  • Don’t change your money in an airport—ever. Do it before you leave home or once you get to your destination and can find a proper bank.
  • Use credit cards wisely. Before you begin your trip, call your credit card company and see if they charge for overseas transactions. If they do, get a new card. Also, notify your credit card companies of your travel plans so that you don’t trigger a fraud hold. Finally, consider getting a card affiliated with the airline you’ll be travelling with—and definitely enroll in any loyalty programs.
  • Travel at night. Taking a night train, bus, or plane from one destination to your next is an easy way to save on lodging, because you won’t need any. Similarly, if you have an early morning flight, get to the airport a few hours earlier and catch some zzzzs there.
  • Use a travel platform to book activities. Companies like Kkday give you a best-price guarantee on just about any activities you could do across the world, while also offering convenience and saving you time.

How to Travel More Often with StorageMart

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