You Want Me To Do What To My Books?

Will admit to being a fan of all types of literature. While there is still the debate on whether or not the paperback book is going to disappear in favor of the e-book, there is just something special that you can only get from holding the paperback book in your hand versus reading a tablet or e-reader device. The one advantage of e-books is that you can store thousands of books all in a 10” by 7” space.

Coming across a blog entitled “Tips For Fighting Your Inner Book Hoarder” by Barnes & Noble I thought, surely they will have some great suggestions for my book hoarding. Then I began reading and thought NO! Some of these must be just a joke. Who would do that to their beloved book? Here are just a few of the 9 recommendations that they had:
•    Watch a cat video– distract yourself when you get the feeling you want to buy a ton of books.
•    Hold a book swap- Give away more books than you purchase. (What?! I thought to myself, I can’t give my books away!)
•    Donate- again, you suggest I give my books up? But, they are mine!
•    Be a klutzy slob- Drip mustard or coffee on them, drop them in the bathtub. (What?! I thought to myself, I can’t destroy my books!)

Now, there were some helpful tips in the blog. Tips such as “give up and convert your house into an official archive” sounded more appealing than destroy your books or give them up. Those sounded like terrible ideas. Of course one idea that this blog failed to mention is the use of self storage when your home is overrun with books.

With a climate controlled self storage unit, you and your books can be happy and without fear of running out of space. So here are three truly helpful tips when fighting your inner book hoarder with the use of self storage:

•    When packing the books in boxes remember that you are going to have to lift that box, carry it to the car or truck to get it to storage and lift it again once you move it into storage. Less is more when packing books. Pack small quantities of books and test the box as you fill it up. Lift with your legs and if at all possible get help lifting and moving the boxes to avoid back and muscle strains.
•    Books can be packed in boxes a few ways: flat on their backs, standing upright with the spines against the sides of the box, or sideways with the spines facing downward and the pages facing the top of the box. Do not stack books in with the spines facing the top of the box as the pages can bend or warp.
•    If you have space in the box use acid-free paper to fill the spaces. This paper won’t deteriorate or yellow and will create a barrier for your books from moisture.

These, while not as fun as watching silly YouTube videos, are practical solutions to taming your book collection and still holding onto your books.