Business Owner Story: How Do I Know What Size Storage Unit I Need for My Inventory?

Jessica Callaway had always wanted to open her own boutique. She wanted a space that was small, but chic, allowing her to showcase her sense of style, without being overwhelmed by overhead.

She’d made her dream a reality, opening a darling 800-square-foot-shop that offered women’s clothing and accessories.

It was exactly the right amount of selling space, but there was one thing Jessica hadn’t taken into account—how much storage space she’d realistically need.

The space she had was crammed full of shopping bags, clothing waiting to be displayed, hangers, receipt paper, cleaning supplies, signs, seasonal decorations, and gift-wrapping supplies. Finding what she needed wasn’t easy and it stressed her out.

Finding a Solution

Jessica knew she needed more room for storage, but she also knew she didn’t want to move her business, which was doing well right where it was.

She decided to rent a storage unit, which would enable her to get organized and become more efficient—without having to move or significantly increase her overhead.

Storage Unit Size for Business Owners

The last thing Jessica had to decide was what size unit to rent. She needed space to keep boxes of shopping bags, seasonal decorations, and on occasion, large shipments of clothing that were not quite ready to be put on display.

At peak, Jessica figured she would need the space for about 30 large boxes. While she knew she could fit all of that in a small unit, she also knew she wanted a bit of breathing room. She wanted to be able to walk in her unit and select what she needed without having to move a bunch of other boxes to get to it.

Ultimately, she decided to go with a medium-sized storage unit of about 150 square feet, which allowed her to keep both her boutique and her storage unit tidy and well-organized.

About StorageMart

StorageMart offers clean and well-lit self storage units that are available to rent on a month-to-month basis. For small business owners, the commitment-free extra space is often just what’s needed to get more organized and efficient. Interested in learning more? Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.