Check Out The Smallest Room At Your Local Storage Center

Check out our bathrooms – really.

When you’re renting space at a storage center, the last space that comes to mind is probably the restroom, but we keep every square foot in our stores sparkling, including the space that you may not even use. There are some folks that judge the quality of a store by the cleanliness of its bathroom and with good reason. A Bradley Corporation survey found that;

Infographic about bathroom tips at your storage facility

When you open our restroom doors, you’ll see a clean floor, spotless mirror, and plenty of hand towels. And when you open the door to your storage unit you’ll see the cleanest self storage in the industry – door dusted and floor swept, ready to be filled with your belongings.

At StorageMart, our managers work hard to provide the cleanest storage center possible. Cleanliness is one of the first things our customers notice and appreciate about our stores and their storage units. Managers and staff spend as much as 60 percent of their time cleaning – washing, sweeping, vacuuming, and weeding! Whether dusting storage unit doors, replacing air filters, or cleaning bathrooms, employees make sure StorageMart locations could pass a White Glove test. We take pride in providing a cheerful storage environment – whether it’s in the largest or the smallest room in our store!