Employee Spotlight: Bethaney Jackson

We are very lucky to have a growing team of smart, friendly people dedicated to bringing easy, clean service to our customers across the US, UK, and Canada every day. We couldn’t do what we do without these hardworking individuals, and we’re excited to share more about them with you.  

We’ve asked one of our team members, Bethaney, some questions so our customers can get to know the faces behind their self storage. 

Meet Our Team Member 

We are so happy to give a huge shoutout to our team member, Bethaney Jackson! Originally from Lebanon, Missouri, Bethaney has been with us since November 2020 as an administrative assistant for our 24/7 customer service call center. Bethaney says her favorite part about her role is “working alongside some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.” During her time with us so far, some of Bethaney’s favorite memories are “all of the luncheons that are put on – being able to get to know everyone within the office over good food and drinks.” 

Quick Q&A

Outside of being an awesome administrative assistant, we wanted to get to know who Bethaney really is with a quick Q&A: 


SM: Who inspires you the most?  

Bethaney: My ninth grade history teacher – Dennis Preston. He’s an incredibly kind person who has overcome a lot in his life. He’s always supported me, even after graduation and stayed in touch as a dear and kind friend. I aspire to be as outgoing, compassionate, and fabulous as he is. 


SM: What is one thing you want to do before you retire?   

Bethaney: Go into business for myself, follow my passion for art, and create my own legacy. 


SM: If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose and why?  

Bethaney: Dolly Parton – Her Imagination Library has sent out over 172 million books to children, has donated millions on top of millions to charities, wildfire reliefs, vaccine discoveries – plus has the voice of a western angel and is literally a living legend. If anybody could take me under their wing and teach me how to do and be better, Dolly would be the one. 


SM: What’s one item you can’t live without?  

Bethaney: Frozen Cokes from McDonalds. 


SM: Most important question so far.. Dogs or cats? 

Bethaney: I have two cats and one dog, but I am more of a cat person. 


Bethaney is an instrumental team member for our 24/7 customer service call center. As she helps streamline calls and assists to ensure operations are able to run smoothly, she is always working hard and doing so with an infectious, positive attitude. Having amazing team members like Bethaney really goes a long way and we are so happy to have her! 

Join Our Growing Team

Our call center was recently moved into a newly renovated space with top-of-line technology and room for our team of storage experts to continue to grow. If you’d like to join Bethaney and the StorageMart team, visit our open positions on our careers page.