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Fall In Love With Your Home Again

I am sure that you have heard of a little website called Pinterest. The world has become obsessed with “pinning” their lives, or how they wish their lives would look. The social media picture sharing site has seemingly blown up and now practically every website, retailer, and yes even self storage company has a Pinterest campaign dedicated to a wide array of topics.

The site has created its own type of vernacular where your pins create boards that show how you would love to upcycle an old desk into an outdoor planter. Pinterest has reached out to the Do It Yourself or DIY side of users and taken them on an adventure where dreams are possible.

We are inspired to create a living room that is both form and function and free of clutter. We see a dedicated and organized craft space that is just begging for beautiful and creative things to be made. The pictures of food inspire us to do more than just make a cake and create an edible work of art that is quite possible just too beautiful to devour.


Pinterest Can Help With Organization

One goal of Pinterest is to help you find inspiration to become more organized. That is what the StorageMart Pinterest page is dedicated to inspire you to find. The balance between life and organization is possible. Your home may never be featured in a fancy magazine, and you may look at the all white room you just pinned onto your dream livingroom board and look at your three sticky messy children and think “no way,” but it is possible for you to fall in love with your home again.

Self storage is one of the best ways to help you get from the now to the possibility you want. With various sized available you can store as much or as little as you need while you renovate or for longer while you repurpose a room. So take a second look at the room you are in right now and compare it to the room you pinned on your dream home Pinterest board. Do you see the possibilities? For inspiration on getting your home, office, and outdoor spaces organized be sure and follow the StorageMart Pinterst board.