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Hidden Benefits of StorageMart: Deliveries

Renting a storage unit and finding that extra space at home is a great feeling, and one of the obvious benefits of renting storage, but what other solutions does self storage offer? If you’re renting from StorageMart, one of our hidden benefits is that we offer 24 hour access available at many of our locations. We also offer a delivery acceptance service for our customers who want to have items shipped to their storage unit.

StorageMart accepts deliveries to your storage unit

Offering delivery acceptance is a great convenience if you’re ordering an item that you don’t have space for yet. This is a possibility if you are downsizing, moving, remodeling, or wanting to buy a gift for someone in the household and don’t want to ruin the surprise. Our store managers will accept deliveries on your behalf, sign for the item, and give the delivery man access to your unit to deliver your package.

Delivery acceptance is also a great benefit for business customers who need to be able to have supplies or other items delivered to their unit. Owning a business often means that you are pulled in many different directions. We can help ease some of the burden by taking care of your deliveries and bring them to your storage unit.

Do you need delivery acceptance for your account? We take your privacy seriously, so in order to take full advantage of this hidden benefit, we’ll have you list others who may access your unit, or sign a waiver to allow delivery drivers access to your room. It’s a very quick and easy customization to your account, but without it, you are the only person with a key and sole person authorized to enter your storage unit. Talk to your store manager about incoming deliveries. They will go over the details about how to set up Delivery Acceptance.