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Home Organization for Small Spaces

How Do You Organize a Small House?

Home organization for small spaces is easier than it has ever been. Between online purchasing and the endless sharing of tips and tricks, you’ll be able to utilize each and every tiny crack and crevice in your home. You can use a professional organizer or do it yourself.

Start in the Kitchen

A neat method to organize your home is to start in the kitchen. Small kitchens are far more common than you might think. Use your walls, cupboard doors, and ceiling. You can use magnet strips along the wall for many kitchen tools, goods, and equipment, such as:

• Knives
• Scissors
• Spices
• Potholders
• Measuring cups

Many people use a ceiling mount to hang pots and pans. This can also be used to create extra storage on top of the rack. And be sure to use hanging organizers on the inside of cupboard doors. Again, you can use this space for spices, as well as cleaning supplies, pantry goods, plastic wrap, paper towels, and much more.

Professional Home Organization Services

A personal organizer can be a miracle maker with spacing. These professional house organizers take on the full responsibility of finding creative ways to make organizing your home easier. This type of organizer often sees opportunities you may overlook simply because they have a fresh perspective. They can create usable space under staircases, between the fridge and the counter, within existing furniture, under beds, in guest bathrooms, and anywhere else space exists.

If you find that even after completing your home organization efforts that you still require storage, self storage is a great option. With over 225 locations in three countries and 24/7 customer service, we’re happy to help you find the right storage solution for you.