Tent Storage Ideas

Newbie campers sometimes stress out over the thought of putting up a tent (it’s easier than you’d think), but completely overlook the importance of taking down a tent—and storing it properly.

A good tent is an investment that you’ll want to take care of.

We know. You’re tired when you get home from a camping trip. But you’re inviting mold and mildew if you just throw your equipment in the garage or basement.

That’ll make your tent smell like a nasty motel room the next time you use it. Even worse, it will take away from the life of your tent.

Here’s how to finish up your camping trip the right way.

Clean Your Tent

Once you bring your tent home, use the gentle side of a sponge, cold water, and soap to clean any dirty spots on your tent. Get rid of bird droppings, dirt, or sand that accumulated during your outing.

Dry Your Tent

The experts at outdoor retailer REI advise that “there’s no such thing as too much drying time.” This is hands-down the most important step in both keeping your tent nice and preserving the life of your tent.

This is best accomplished by actually pitching your tent, either inside your house or outside if it’s dry out. The next best option is to drape or hang your tent indoors to dry. Never put your tent in the dryer, as the heat can cause the material to rip or even melt.

Properly Storing a Tent

Rather than store your tent in the case it came in, you’re better off packing it away loosely in a large cotton sack or even a cardboard box, which will allow for more ventilation.

Next, make sure to store your tent in a cool dry place. That rules out most attics and basements—and certainly the trunk of your car. Ideally, you can use a closet in your home to store all of your camping gear.

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