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Make Room for These 2019 Interior Design Trends

If you’re ready for a change, you’re in luck. With the New Year, we’ll see an abundance of fresh new design trends to add life to even the most tired décor.

6 New Trends in Interior Design

From matte black finishes to light wood floors, everything will look a little different in the New Year. And the good news is that most of these trends can be mixed into any décor style, from traditional to modern.

Embrace Organic, Curved Shapes

Clean lines have dominated interior design for the past decade, but there’s finally a new player in the room. Curved sofas add life and interest to a room and also provide a more intimate area for conversation.

Go Back to Black—as Long as it’s Matte

While matte black walls or woodwork may feel like too big of a commitment, there are easier ways to incorporate this trend into your décor. Matte black works great for lighting, fixtures, countertops, backsplashes, and even household items like dishes.

Make Time for Terrazzo

Terrazzo originated in Italy more than 500 years ago as a way to reuse marble scraps by setting them in cement. It’s traditionally used for both flooring and countertops, although you’ll also find the pattern popping up in lampshades, pillows, and other décor items.

Lighten Up the Floors

From Brazilian cherry to walnut, dark wood floors have dominated the landscape for more than a decade. But now homeowners are ready to lighten things up with floors made from everything from birch to light oak. This type of flooring brightens up a room by reflecting light, while also looking modern and fresh.

Don’t Match Your Metals

Not too long ago, designers went to great lengths to make sure that door knobs, faucets, cabinet knobs, and even light fixtures all had the same metal finishes. That’s not only unnecessary; it’s actually undesirable. Get creative with your metals, choosing what pleases your eye instead of what seems “correct.”

Go Green

Gray has had its moment—and it was a very long moment indeed—but it’s coming to an end. The freshest looks for 2019 are emerald and forest green. In fact, PPG’s color of the year is Nightwatch, a rich and classic green hue.

Home Interior Design Trends and StorageMart

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