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Military Storage While Overseas

You’re headed half way around the world to serve your country, so what do you do with all of your stuff?

If you’ve just graduated from high school, you may still be able to get away with stashing a few boxes at your parents’ house. But what happens when they decide to downsize? Or if you’ve already moved on a bit in life and have furniture, pots and pans, exercise equipment, and everything else that comes with life on your own?

Then there’s your car to consider, as well.

Military Storage Made Easy

With the stress of deployment, the last thing you need is for storage to be a hassle. You want to be able to easily drop your possessions off, knowing that they’ll be in a clean and well-lit facility, waiting for you upon your return.

If you have sensitive electronics (think a gaming system, video equipment, or computer), you’ll want to opt for a climate-controlled unit, knowing that humidity and condensation can ruin your equipment. That same goes for things like antiques, artwork, or even stamp, comic book, or baseball card collections.

Managing Your Move

Even if you’re not deployed overseas, military life requires you to serve where you’re called, which often means a series of moves over the years. While it can be exciting to see so much of the country, the process of moving itself is never enjoyable, especially if you’re moving a family as well.

There are times when self storage can be just the bridge you need to make moving more manageable. One of the major advantages of self storage is that you can use it as a short-term solution. It’s there when you need it, but you’re not stuck paying for something that you no longer need.

Military Storage Units and StorageMart

At StorageMart, we offer both traditional and climate-controlled self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis. Check out our storage unit guide for more information or rent a unit online today.